Optimal Being Assessment

The Optimal Being Personal Assessment is profound, exciting, and revealing. It uncovers realities that inhibit your natural ability to be at your best. It also reinforces where you are in alignment.

The assessment is time-tested with over fifty years of successful application.  Results include an easy-to-read report, ready-to-use tools, simple explainer videos, and a live coaching session to support changes for your benefit. Know where to focus today so your perceptions, decisions, and behaviors are always optimal.

As described in Awakening Your Optimal Workforce, the ten elements of effectiveness and well-being influence your thoughts and behaviors automatically. These elements can work on your behalf or against you. Understanding which are strengths or challenges helps you focus on where your highest and best interests will be served. Tools and resources exist to support converting challenges into strengths such that these elements all serve you.

This assessment measures the ten elements and provides you with tools and resources to use right away for yourself and throughout your workforce.

If you are ready to take the assessment, click the link below to get started.

Assessment can be taken stand-alone here and is included in the Optimal Being® program.

Executive Mentoring & Workforce Coaching Services

Executive performance coaching with a guaranteed 5X return on your spend within 2-6 months.

You have within you the best of who you truly are. It isn’t always active. What if it could be?

You would be mentally sharp, emotionally resilient, and confident in any given situation. You would behave in the highest and best interests of yourself and everyone around you. What else would be true for you?

The best of you can be active and available always, and when it is, you become exceptional in all your endeavors.

Problems become smaller
Money flows easier
Right action is consistent
Reactive patterns fall away
Rhythms of success quicken
People and companies Thrive

Our certified coaches and mentors work with leaders and teams to support you in living your best lives.

Just imagine. How would you lead? What would your life look like? How would your business change? What if it is possible?

Those who do:
Consciously access Instincts / Intuition, 
Are Present and in Flow
Act in Courage
Live in Purpose
Wake up to their best life

The results are remarkable.


Workforce Program

In the Optimal Being® Program, you and your workforce will learn and practice principles and tools to consistently live and perform at your best with greater ease and way less stress.

Learn to function at your best consistently and support the creation of an optimal, high-functioning, engaged workforce.

All top performers have periods where they fall out of alignment from living in their optimal state. They are off of center and not working as their best selves.  This has been especially true during the pandemic. Our mission is to support everyone finding their way back to being “the best they can be”, and sustain living in their optimal state. We have tools that guide people to realize where their center is, identify the gaps and help them close them.

In the Optimal Being Program, you will learn principles and tools supporting you and your business in living and performing optimally.


Gifts for You

If you are new to these resources and would like to explore a bit first, please enjoy this free gift.

In this gift, we share the 10 steps thought leaders use to be ultra-effective at work and in life. Hint, they map to the ten elements measured in the Optimal Being Assessment.  We are confident you will both learn and appreciate the value of this gift to your life and business. As a bonus, this also includes an invitation for a 20-minute consultation with one of our Optimal Being Mentors. Claim your gift today.

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Awakening Your Optimal Workforce brings out your best and helps you stay there.  Never has it been easier to learn the Optimal Being principles and tools. Give your team the gift of this jumpstart with resources that get results.
Awakening Your Optimal Leader is an easy-to-read fable for business leaders interested in tuning in to their intuition and accelerating the realization of their organization’s mission.  
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