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Here we see examples of the innovation and results that are taking place in the field of mental health. These practitioners have partnered with Journey’s Dream.

What is the Network today? Our partners include practitioners and organizations, like those highlighted above, who are responding to the mental illness epidemic with innovation and achieving game-changing results. These professionals are aligned with the mission of Journey’s Dream, and are prepared to support individuals on their paths to mental wellness. Until our technology infrastructure is completed, interested parties may contact us to connect with professionals in the network or to explore joining the network as a practitioner. 

What is our vision? We envision a global, digital database where anyone on the planet can enter a postal code and find the five closest professionals who believe in full recovery from mental illness.This interactive directory will allow people in search of help to watch practitioner videos and review peer comments.

What are we doing to make this vision a reality?

  • Journey’s Dream has outlined parameters and is seeking a technology partner to make our vision of a global network a reality. Development of the global database infrastructure is underway.
  • We’ve developed a simple, consistent vetting process to qualify potential practitioners for participation in the network.  We are actively seeking participants to join us.

Meet some of our founding partners via video

Partners and Practitioners

Are you a provider or practitioner who helps people recover from mental illness? Welcome to Journey’s Dream. We’re building a network of trusted healers, collecting data for research, and recruiting volunteers and collaborators.

Traditional Medicine
Medical Doctors

and Integrative Medicine

Holistic practitioners

Spiritual Guidance
Prayer and Meditation
Breath and Body Work

Did you know?

One in four people (globally) will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Aid us in our mission to inspire hope and provide solutions.

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