The founders of Journey’s Dream have invested more than one million dollars of private funding to design, develop and implement a state-of-the-art, multimedia educational experience called the Optimal Being® program. The core idea of the 14-week program is that human beings are innately brilliant.  Through an interactive, innovative online platform, the Optimal Being® program delivers practical tools that guide participants to fully access their intuitive guidance system and align with their inner brilliance. Upon completion of the program, participants report greater mental and emotional clarity, higher levels of trust in self and others, stronger connections, reduced stress, and increased joy and productivity.

To get a brief sense of the tools offered by  the full program, we are providing a free self-paced “mini-course”.

The Program

The Results

Initial results of the Optimal Being® program inform us that there is hope for restored wellness. Here are  some examples:
• 92% improvement for participants’ #1 challenge
• 87.8% improvement for participants’ #2 challenge
• Participants experienced double digit improvement in all 10 categories
• Personal mentoring and peer support provide a framework for ongoing success