What Inspires Us


Journey’s Dream is named for Journey Shay Montague-Bauer, a bright college student who began experiencing mental health challenges during his senior year. Journey was told there was no cure for his mental illness, and that the best he could hope for was to manage his symptoms with medication. Journey’s family searched exhaustively for solutions that could provide a path to wellness. By the time they found options they thought could help, Journey had isolated himself and was no longer open to their suggestions. After four years of struggle, he died. Their grief developed into a passion to ensure that anyone touched by mental illness could easily find and access all possible modalities known to restore mental health.


This vision led them to co-found Journey’s Dream with Mark Hattas, whose experience provides inspiration through healing. Mark is a successful entrepreneur who found himself in a psychiatric hospital with a bipolar diagnosis. Although medication was valuable in providing temporary stability, he, too, was told there was no cure for bipolar disorder. After three hospitalizations and a suicide attempt, Mark realized he needed to find practitioners who believed what he believed: that full recovery was possible. A person of faith, Mark found a spiritual path that led him to comprehensive solutions for body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  This supported him in recovering, transitioning off medication with his doctor’s support, and leading a full and joyful life.

Inspired by different experiences, all of our founders believe:

  • With comprehensive support and the proper tool set, all people can achieve and sustain optimal health and well-being.
  • Everyone deserves to have access to good, trustworthy information; effective tools; and support.
  • Every person is worthy of respect and love.