Work with Mentors/ Coaches who can help you and your teams get to the next level.

The results of our mentoring services have been touted as “exceptional”. Mentors work with you individually and/or with your teams.

What makes this so impactful?

  • Get to know your executive performance coach to see if it is a fit. Once you and your coach select each other, you can count on results.
  • Our coaches have honed their skills over many thousands of hours of training, practice, and client coaching.
  • Your coach’s primary responsibility is to consistently see the highest and best in you and support you in being at your best.
  • Your gifts and talents will grow, and new ones will come to life as you work with an effective coach.
  • You may discuss any topic: business, home, relationships, health, money, faith, struggles, successes, failures, opportunities, etc.
  • You can expect the unexpected to be awesome. As you progress together, you will witness many extraordinary experiences.

Mark Hattas (left)
Certified Executive & Mental Performance Coach, Entrepreneur (w/ successful exit),
Best Selling Author and Speaker, Ph.D., Entrepreneurship & Business (h.c.)

Rex Montague Bauer (right)
Certified Executive & Intuitive Guidance Performance Coach, Optimal Being Facilitator, Entrepreneur & Speaker

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My work with Mark has had a profound effect on all aspects of my life; especially impacting my leadership.

Jerry Weber, PhD, President, Bellevue College

I speak internationally and have met and worked with top Executive Coaches and Mentors around the world. Mark is the best. He has been able to take Executive Mentoring to a whole new level. I highly recommend hiring Mark

Dave Austin, Mental Performance Coach and Internationally Best Selling Author

Mark carries the highest endorsement by the #1 ranked Business Conference in the World, which called him a “Teacher of the Masters who is bringing in new truth and frequency right when human awareness can embrace its urgent upgrading

Berny Dorhman, Chairman, CEO Space International

Rex and I are business partners and we have also co-mentored hundreds of times, plus he mentors me. He is a masterful mentor consistently supporting extraordinary results. His ability to lead someone from where they are to where they want to go is amongst the best I have ever seen.

Mark Hattas, entrepreneur, author, speaker, executive mentor

Note: Optimal Being Executive Mentoring is synonymous with Rookha Group