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Trauma can manifest in various ways, and it’s essential to address it holistically to achieve lasting healing and personal growth. Joshua Cameron, an elite master healer, embarks on a journey to explore the depths of healing trauma and discover new approaches to facilitate profound transformation. He emphasizes the importance of building a strong therapeutic alliance based on trust and empathy, enabling his clients to open up and explore their traumas in a guided and nurturing manner. In his pursuit of healing trauma, Joshua explores different modalities and integrates them into his healing sessions, adapting his approach to suit the unique needs and preferences of everyone. Through his tireless efforts, he empowers individuals to reclaim their lives, release the burdens of the past, and embrace a future filled with healing, resilience, and joy.

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Joshua Cameron Healing Trauma

  is an elite master healer who has learned to heal his own childhood trauma, as well as his post-traumatic stress disorder from his times at war. Joshua has a unique way of combining ancient wisdom with modern science and philosophy to make spirituality digestible and understandable.

Joshua, welcome. Thank you so much for joining us here.

My pleasure. I appreciate you holding space.

I was hoping you could start us off by telling us a little bit about how you got into the work you do and what drives your passion for it.

What drives my passion is probably what drives a lot of people’s passion. When you look back at how they were raised. In this case, how I was raised. I was raised in a household that didn’t have a lot of love, was very dysfunctional, had a lot of alcoholism, and had a lot of emotional and physical abuse. That threw me off my path for a long time. It made me feel like there was something wrong with me. Anytime that I would come up with a great idea or maybe I was even inquired as to, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’m like, “I want to be X, Y, or Z.” They’re like, “That’s stupid. Why would you do that? Don’t you think you should do what I think that you should do?”

What that ended up doing is it had me collect a lot of evidence that everything that comes from within, when I measure it against the advice that I get from people who I look up to, maybe that’s family, friends, or colleagues, I am left with the evidence that that’s stupid. My intuition blocked out. That led me to make life a lot harder. I couldn’t help but want to help people out and give back to my community. That led to a lot of volunteerism. That led to starting in the Army technically at 19.

I went to my first war zone eight days after September 11th. Later in 2003, I went to Kuwait and Iraq. That stayed with me a lot. I was working for a hospital much later on in pediatrics. I worked in pediatric medical research and then data analytics and the pandemic happened. I was hired for the job to do data analytics and business forecasting for the entire pediatric outpatient network for all the tertiary clinics, the neurologist, cardiologist, etc. I was like, “I feel so good. I’m helping people.” I’m on this spiritual path, but then when the pandemic happened, it burst my little bubble. It uprooted my anchor, and it showed me how political our hospital system is.

It made me sad, but then it gave me the awareness, “If this isn’t in line with my truth, what is?” When I started exploring that, opportunities started arising for me to take action and learn how to not just deal with my trauma and “overcome” my trauma but to heal it. I look at trauma as a way of programming. When a traumatic event happens, usually that’s a violation of our model of the world. It’s so violating that we don’t know how to deal with it. It breaks the computer code, so to speak.

I’ve learned how to go back to that part of myself that may have been stuck in time, or maybe what shamans call a soul retrieval, or the coding started corrupting. You went back and almost did a patch on that coating is a good way to look at that. I realized that made my life better because it allowed me to receive the world much more welcoming. I received the world as it was. I didn’t feel this incessant need to imprint upon the world who I thought I was.

I couldn’t discover who I was because my brain was so full of noise and what other people thought because I tuned out my intuition. I learned to quiet the noise. A big part of that was understanding the data analysis I was doing. Anyone who’s dealt with data analysis, you got to quiet the noise to increase the signal. I learned to quiet the noise of the brain to increase the signal of the heart. I then found that whenever I would interact with people, I couldn’t help but send them away with a smile, which sent me away with a smile.

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That heads long deep into, “I want to serve at a higher level.” When we open ourselves up to these truths of who we are, we start asking ourselves questions. A big question for me was, “Is there room for God in my life?” It’s not necessarily a Christian God or a God that anyone would say, “This is the God from this holy book, and you have to believe this.” “Is there room for God in my life? What would that be?” It opened a path for me to explore consciousness, neuroscience, physics, and the deepest level that up to that point, I’ve never journeyed into.

It then led me to be able to heal myself, which allowed me to start healing others. Sending people away with a smile, wanting to add value to the world wherever I go, seeing somebody who’s stuck and traumatized, being able to help show them the same toolset that I was given, and to have them walk away and step into their fullest greatness, I don’t know that there’s a greater gift that I could give somebody.

What is the toolset that you reference?

Before this, we were talking about Anil Seth. He talks about controlled hallucinations are our perception. It’s good for us to understand that there are 7 billion people on the planet, and there are 7 billion different perceptions and 7 billion different models of the world. The best thing for us to do is to create a model of the world that serves us. Create a map. We don’t need to mistake the map for the territory, but the map allows us to travel through the territory like a GPS, or through an old Atlas like we used to have.

Part of it is understanding that everything is energy. If we go back to Max Planck, a contemporary of Einstein, he talks about how consciousness is primary. Consciousness is everything. This is something that mystics have been talking about for thousands of years. What I was doing was to start stifling our inner voice. It creates blocks in that flow. When we create blocks in that flow, if all energy needs to flow, what happens when it quits flowing? Let’s look at the water. What happens when water quits flowing? It stagnates. What happens when water stagnates? It attracts mosquitoes and parasites.

There’s the idea in The Kybalion, “As above, so below; as below, so above.” We can look at the model of the world that we have here in 3D model reality, and have a conceptualization of what happens at higher levels. There is the idea of a thought virus or a thought parasite. Without getting too controversial, you can test the thought virus and see how it has a hold of somebody. Walk into a room full of people and say a couple of names. You could say Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Barack Obama, then see what people do. People will go from having a very wonderful conversation to inciting anger, and rage even in some cases.

I teach people that these parasites, if we don’t protect our energy and we don’t follow who we truly are, and we listen to what other people have to give us, we start blocking our energy. When that happens, we’re inviting those parasites that bring diseases that drain our blood and the energy space drain. I’ve come to look at the soul as the superset The soul is a governing agent that gives life to consciousness.

The Kybalion has the idea that the universe is mental. If the soul is drained, then our mental world and our physical world start to break down as a natural consequence. It’s understanding how to re-invite flow. A great way that I like to look at flow is especially in the case of mosquitoes. When mosquitoes are buzzing around, we’re flopping our hands around trying to get rid of them. The problem with that is mosquitoes are attracted to us for two main reasons. That’s odor and carbon dioxide. If we’re flopping our hands around, it gets our heart rate going, which then has us breathing faster, which then causes the problem to be even worse.

OYM Joshua Cameron | Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma: The Kybalion has the idea that the universe is mental. Our mental and physical world starts to break down as a natural consequence if we drain our souls.


Carl Jung has this idea that what we resist persists. I’m a big fan of Tao Te Ching which talks about, “If you give evil nothing to oppose, it’ll go away on its own.” It’s not because it’s not there but because you can step out of its way. By understanding how to tap into ourselves and teaching people how to tap into themselves, and then inviting that flow starting at the superset, we can take that flow of a raging river that goes through and picks up a stagnant pond, and then it takes it downstream and purifies it. That’s a great way to step out of the way of evil and allow it to be taken care of itself. Does that make sense?

It does because I’ve been doing this work for a long time. Your rate of speech is so quick, and there’s so much in what you’re saying. I want to slow it down for the audience. How did you learn to quiet the noise? You were talking about the signal analysis. What are some of the things you’ve used on a practical level to quiet the noise?

Find awe and beauty in your life. Maybe that’s nature. I live in Utah but there are very few more beautiful states. I go up in the mountains a lot. I don’t know that there’s anything better to quiet the noise than meditating. A lot of people might try and be like, “As soon as I try, my mind makes me feel like I’m doing it wrong.” That most likely is a good sign that you probably are doing it right. The mind is so good at thinking that when we try to relax it, it says, “There’s something wrong. What’s going on? This is out of the familiar zone.”

That’s okay. Getting out of the familiar is how we grow, but I would say starting with meditation would probably be the number one best thing that we can do to be able to tap into who we are. What do I want out of life? What is it that I’m saying? What is it that I want to do? Rather than just listen to other people. I used to rage inside of myself when I was a soldier growing up. I didn’t listen to myself. Everyone else would tell me what I should do, and I felt it was wrong, but I learned not to trust myself. Meditation is a great way to quiet the noise, increase the signal, and learn how to start trusting our sense of intuition.

You mentioned that you had childhood difficulties, family trauma, and then trauma in war zones. Do you run into people who’ve got a history of trauma who say, “I can’t meditate” or “If I meditate, it gets worse?”

I’ve run into people that say, “I can’t meditate.” The first thing that we need to learn is this ancient Chinese wisdom up to Henry Ford, “If you say that you can or you can’t, you’re right.” There’s this idea of Bruce Lee. My word is not his, but we’ll say some approximation of it, “Be careful how you talk to yourself because your body can’t help but listen.” If we tell ourselves that we can’t do something, then we’re going to prove that we can’t. A good way to look at the world where we can create models is that we can either be effective or we can be right. We can be right about why we can’t achieve the results that we want, or we can be effective in achieving those results.

When it comes to PTSD, people may not feel very safe inside their heads. As I’m talking to people, doing a discovery call, and helping build some clarity, a good thing to do is, “What is it that makes you feel safe? How do you feel safe? Do you need to have your back against a wall?” Let’s start structuring things in a way that helps make sure that you can start breathing and you’re not going into panic mode.

Jordan Peterson talks about this a lot as well. For somebody who is afraid of elevators, for instance, we have them look at pictures of elevators, and they realize they’re not going to die. When you go up to an elevator, you don’t have to go in yet, but you’ll go up and look at an elevator. You see it open, you see it close, people come out, and people come in. They realize, “I didn’t die.” Incrementally, it’s pushing the boundaries of the unfamiliar in order to grow. That’s a great way to start seizing the power from within.

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If you get somebody who’s had trauma and they start doing the meditation work, they feel some benefit, and they’re starting to get things quiet down, what are some of the other tools in this toolset you refer to that change the programming or the thought viruses?

I’ve broken it down to what I call my Ching Method, as in Tao Te Ching. First off is clarity and concentration. Most people have no idea what it is that they want but they have every idea of what it is that they don’t want. “I don’t want to be in pain. I don’t want to have a bad day. I don’t want the boss to come in and yell at me. I can’t handle it.” We can’t help but move in the direction of our focus like a NASCAR driver. If a NASCAR driver doesn’t want to crash into the wall, he doesn’t look at the wall. He looks at exactly where he wants to go. First, let’s get clarity on what it is that you want. Most people probably haven’t spent a whole lot of time finding out what they want because they have probably been listening to other people. That’s a big part of it.

The idea of, “As above, so below; as below, so above,” let’s get healthy in our body, mind, and spirit. Often, people who are traumatized don’t treat their bodies very well. They throw a bunch of gross food down the hatch looking at it as just fuel to burn. If we don’t put the right fuel in our car, our car is not going to go anywhere. If we put diesel in an unleaded engine, that’s not going to work. We can’t put regular gas in JP8 and JP4 if you’re familiar with the military.

It’s understanding that having the right nutrients and food is also a way to show self-love. Having the right food that’s good for you. Sadhguru, who I’m a big fan of, talks about if you chew your food 26 times, it starts to inform the cells within your body. Eventually, if you do that every time you eat for about 30 days, you’re going to start to intuit which foods are good for you. You’re going to start to intuit which foods are going to help make the body more healthy. When the body is healthy, that allows the mind to get the nutrients and calories that it needs.

If we’re sharing love with our body, as below, so above, then we can start sharing love with our mind. If we’re sharing love with ourselves by the way that we present ourselves and live, chances are we’re going to start cleaning up our space a little bit more. Clutter is a huge thing that blocks a lot of people’s flow. Starting to love ourselves means that we start to love the space that we’re in and the space that we bring. As we start showing that love and cleaning up, then we’ll find that much more flow is being attracted in our lives. Also, if there’s clutter around, our minds can’t help but be focused on it. If our minds are focused on it, then they’re not focusing on what’s best for us.

There are a whole lot of tools that I could go through the whole rundown of all five, but it’s a matter of helping people find, “What is it that I want? How do I align with that? Let’s build some powerful meditations.” It’s not just I’ll send you on a meditation, and then you do it yourself. Guided meditations help people, but there’s a lot of energy work too. If the soul is being drained, what I do is help heal the soul. In that way, if the soul is being drained, the body and mind break down as a natural consequence. If the soul got full power, then the body and mind are rejuvenated as a natural consequence.

What’s the structure of the format with which you work with people? Let’s say somebody listens to this and they say, “I want to connect with this guy. I want him to work with me. He says he’s got five tools. I want to learn those tools.” How do you make yourself available to people? How do they reach you and work with you? Do you do group work? Do you do it online? Is it all in person? What’s the structure of how you work with people?

They can reach me at my website, FreeMeFromPains.com. Also, I’m starting a digital summit on June 6th, 2023, and I’ve interviewed nineteen different experts from around the world. It’s to help people see models of the world. In that way, they can hear what I have to say and what other people have to say, and then start to create this amalgam of what model best works for them.

On my website, at FreeMeFromPains.com, you can book a healing plan. In the healing plan, we can go through and build that clarity. What’s going on? What is it that you want? Let’s start assessing the variables and building a healing plan. Even if it’s not right for us to work together, I can nearly guarantee I can start pointing people to resources that can help them on their journey. Worst-case scenario, somebody comes in, we have a short conversation, and they walk away with some great clarity. Best-case scenario, somebody walks in, we work together, and they’re healed beyond anything that they thought was possible.

Often, we limit ourselves to logical paradigms and we don’t allow ourselves to experience the world. What I mean by that is as I understand Niels Bohr, he had a letter written to him by his son. His son was very confused. Neils is a big founding scientist of the Manhattan Project, worked in quantum science, and had daily conversations with Einstein. He told his son, “You’re not thinking. You’re only being logical.” Logic serves a purpose. It’s the left side of our brain. It’s very logical, but we’ve got a whole other part of our brain.

Einstein mentioned how imagination is the true mark of intellect because the brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. As we work together, it’s helping people find the permission to be able to imagine the world that they want. If they are fully immersing themselves in that, their brain is going to start creating those neural pathways and neural connections. Any physicist will confirm that the mind attracts, which it dwells upon.

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Clearly, we’ve had a lot of similar source material. The people we’ve found useful anywhere from great physicists who are also philosophers and psychologists to Sadhguru and people like that. If you were to think about it, what was a group of core things that allowed you to turn from whatever path you were on that wasn’t so productive from the childhood traumas to this path of healing and growth? What would you say that core constellation of factors is for you?

I was very hardheaded. Leading up to the pandemic, for years, I was very much involved in politics because I wanted to help. The problem is I wanted to help in the way in which I decided help was needed. I wasn’t listening to myself. I was listening to everyone else. Now, I’m taking some approximation of other people’s noise and I’m trying to say, “This is the right way to do it.” It’s like, “Never mind that my house is on fire, I’m going to come fix your house,” which is the biggest folly there is.

The more I threw myself into politics and the more I got involved, I certainly did some awesome things. I was a big fan of Bernie Sanders. I’m maybe a little disappointed about him now, but that’s another story. There were things like phone banking opportunities where we’d have a phone banking for Bernie Sanders and about five people would show up. A friend of mine asked me to try and motivate some people. I made two days’ worth of calls. The next day, 25 people showed up. There was some magic there that I had, but that was when I allowed myself to tap into and listen to myself. Most often, I wasn’t listening to myself. Since I was so hardheaded, I had to have my world collapse on me.

I was married, have a son that I love deeply, and realized that my wife and I brought out the worst in each other. We’re both good people though because we don’t get along. It’s so easy to moralize, “You don’t like me. You must be a bad person.” It may not be those words that people say, but it’s the play that we enact in our lives. I decided that I was going to separate. I bought a house just so we could be good parents. We don’t need to live together because that’s not working out so well, but we can be good parents.

I did that. I moved above a very violent and outrageously loud neighbor who would shake my floor daily. My floor would shake about 80 decibels. I even got a decibel meter to show the police. Police refused to do anything, “There’s nothing we can do.” I’m a combat veteran dealing with my floor shaking constantly. It’s so much chaos. It started breaking me down. When it started breaking me down, I didn’t know what to do. I had so much chaos in my life. “Who do I know? What are some reference points in my life?” As I feel like I’m losing my grip on the reality of how I can start making some order from the chaos.

I learned of Jocko Willink from Joe Rogan. As listening to Jocko Willink, then Jordan Peterson showed up later on. Jordan Peterson started talking about how he’s doing this biblical series of secularizing the Bible. I started listening to that. I’ve been listening to what other people have been telling me like, “Look at these silly Christians. They have this book that they can only take literally. Look how silly they are. Look how much better I am because I can recognize their silly ideas.”

When Jordan was secularizing the Bible, I let all that go and immediately saw the wisdom there. It’s like, “These are oral traditions that have been passing down wisdom from the ages, and they’re now able to write this down. I’ve been the moron this whole time.” That allowed me to start asking, “Is there room for God in my life?” When I started doing that, Jordan mentioned creating the highest ideal of goodness that we can conceive of, become it, and become worthy of it by becoming it.

I built that all around Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. What was it that Gandalf saw that nobody else saw? He saw what saved the world. Nobody saw any value in the hobbits. They thought it was a bunch of worthless country pumpkins. “We don’t need them. They’re not building castles. They’re not building the next model of the horse and buggy. They’re not contributing to modern society in the way that we’d expect.” Yet, what Gandalf realized is that what holds great evil at bay is the small act of kindness from one person to another in a multitude. Ultimately, what saved the world was the fact that the hobbits were in some way inoculated against the great evil, the Sauron. In fact, Sam was immune to it and Frodo was resilient to it. Without Gandalf seeing that, the world would’ve burned.

OYM Joshua Cameron | Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma: What holds great evil at bay is the small act of kindness from one person to another on a multitude.


That’s the person that I wanted to become, but so often we create these governing beliefs, “I believe in God. I believe in Allah. I believe in Krishna,” but that idea is given to us by people that we respect that says, “This is the idea that I have written from this book.” Most people don’t take the time to examine, and then orchestrate or write out exactly, “What does this mean to me?” Everything trickles down from our governing beliefs. Tony Robbins has the idea that the most powerful force in the human psyche is the need to be consistent with our identity. There’s nothing more identifying than our governing beliefs, but most people’s governing beliefs have been given to them rather than grafted by them.

OYM Joshua Cameron | Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma: The most powerful force in the human psyche is the need to be consistent with our identity.


You’re in the middle or you’re somewhere in the process of answering my question about these core factors that helped you move from a path that wasn’t useful to you to one in which you were healing, and then you’re helping others heal. Your primary factor was you’re so hardheaded. Another factor was that you hit a place where you felt like you were at rock bottom.

Another set of factors was that you heard some people who’ve been thinking for themselves or reinvestigating source material of people that they liked. You go back to somebody who looks at any kind of scripture, but they don’t read it the way it was taught to them. They go back and they find out, “Who wrote this scripture? What was the context of that culture? Was it meant to be literal? Are there some other gifts hidden in it at the level of a figurative meaning, a parable, or multiple levels of meaning?” As you distill that, what was the next series of steps for you to go from rock bottom and live your life from trauma to living into healing and growth?

When I started asking those questions, “Is there room for God in my life?” I eventually got a vision to my head of a podium. Living here in Utah, I saw the podium and I knew the meaning was that I was supposed to be on the business end of that podium speaking to people. The problem is I identified with atheism and at best agnosticism. How is this guy who doesn’t believe in the LDS dogma and certainly not the prophet Joseph Smith just going to show up like, “I got a vision that says that I should be talking to you?”

What I did is I started querying my friends who grew up in the Mormon tradition. I come to find out, “Look at that. Isn’t that interesting?” It’s something I didn’t know, but a higher source of truth. Maybe the union’s collective unconsciousness. Maybe it was pumped in directly from the source. On the first Sunday of every month, the LDS churches have what they call the fast and testimony meeting. It means anybody who shows up can go up and share their thoughts.

I showed up. What happened was, at this point, I’m creating the greatest idea of goodness that I can conceive. It’s a nebulous form. I don’t quite have it like Gandalf yet. As I’m interacting with people of faith, I’m starting to see that even if I might find that what they say could easily be construed as silly, multiple people will stand up and go say some approximation of the same thing, “Brothers and sisters, I know in my heart that Joseph Smith is one true prophet of God. I know in my heart that the Book of Mormon is the one true word of God.”

Rather than judge them for that, I started thinking to myself, “If this is their highest ideal of goodness, what is my highest ideal of goodness?” By the third time of me showing up to speak to them, I created that out. The benefit that I got by showing up was allowing me to no longer judge them, and then I started to realize that the wisdom of Jesus saying, “Judge not lest ye be judged” is not like, “If you judge me or if I judge you, who cares? Am I going to limit your quality of life? Am I going to prevent you from being able to put food on your table if I judge you?” The real wisdom there is that judge not lest ye be judged by the very judgment you are casting upon others.

As I’m going through this path, I found a great mentor that told me this wonderful line, “Nobody can rise above the level of their own self-opinion.” We’re judging ourselves in the guise of judging others when we can’t rise above the level of our own self-opinion. That allowed me to let go of a lot of that hardheadedness. It allowed me to let go of that need to control the world and say, “This is how the world is supposed to be.” Most anxiety and stress come from the idea that the world is not matching my internal version of what I think it should be.

As I started doing that, a path opened up because questions are the steering wheel of the mind. As I’m asking questions, “Is there room for God in my life? What is the highest level of goodness of which I can conceive?” Mentors started popping into my life in order to be like, “Let’s teach you a little bit more about consciousness, physics, neuroscience, and heart-mind connection.” That then led me to the great master who taught me how to heal because I was ready for it.

Had I met him even a year ago, “You’re a healer, huh?” I would’ve been scoffing and certainly wouldn’t have been able to take him seriously. By that point, I realized that life is about experience. It’s something that Sadhguru taught me through his Inner Engineering book. Without experience, we’re just being logical. We’re not thinking. Often in my life, I was that child with his arms folded saying, “No, I don’t like it.” It’s like, “I don’t like those vegetables that I’ve never even tried. I don’t like this idea that I’ve never even thought about or I’ve never even tested to see if there’s any sort of merit. I just don’t like it.” I gave up childish ways to grow into a man.

You said that within the past year, you were introduced to someone you considered to be the great master who taught you to heal.

Ed Streicher is a fascinating guy. I never would’ve been prepared. I spent a lot of time mentoring people. I spent a lot of time in philosophy. I’ve been reading philosophy since I was a teenager. I’ve been helping people with greater wisdom for a long time. Certainly, there’s healing there. Certainly, there’s a way for me to start to let go of my own trauma and help others as well, but not in the soul-enriching sense. That was the biggest piece that I was missing. That was that eureka like, “This is real?” That sent me on this path of not only was it real, but this is exactly what I was looking for. This missing piece that I can now go and herald into the world. I immediately started working with people to prove to myself.

This piece that you’re referring to is this soul-enriching piece.

It’s the idea that that soul is real, and the soul is being drained by lack of flow, the parasites and mosquitoes that are coming in. Depending on what model of the world some people might have, maybe they’ll call them demons. People will say, “It feels like I’m cursed with this bad luck. I’m so cursed.” People might speak on that matter. Maybe they feel like there’s a dark cloud above them. Understanding how energy works was the biggest missing piece that I had. I found it through exploration within myself. I’ve navigated this mountain path or forest path. Now, I can take others through that as well.

When I was first learning how to train, what was fascinating in working with Ed is that within an hour of him showing, he’s like, “Who wants to do this for real?” I was like, “I only went through it in an hour. I went through all this stuff to heal myself, but now you’re teaching me. Sure. I’m afraid because I’m a little uncertain.”

A lady who I was working with, I was even more unsettled because I do things through Zoom. She didn’t even have her camera on. I couldn’t tell if she’s being compliant. I’m used to people sitting up so I can see them. She was laying down, which is something that I wasn’t used to, and I’m brand new at this. I was like, “I’m going to believe I’m going to go through and I’m going to give her the goodness that I’ve got.”

She came to me with libido problems and wanted help with getting her libido to normal functioning levels. I took her through a very brief 5 to 7 minutes. She said afterward that she could literally feel something flicking her ovaries. Almost as if the ovaries were blocked and something was flicking them and getting the blocks out of there. I was like, “That’s fascinating.” Now I’m getting real-world input that this is something that other people are experiencing simply by me going through these deep meditations with them.

From my mind, the way that so much of that fits together is this is not something you figured out. This is not something the great and powerful Joshua Cameron intellectually went through the steps to reinvent the wheel. This is something you’re allowing to flow through you. You’re exploring with the people that you’re working with.

There’s this idea that made a lot of sense when I started working with my great mentor, Peter Sage. He said, “The best of our abilities have brought us to where we are now, which is why we need mentors.” Mentors are people that can give us advice. Many people mistake advice for opinion. Advice is somebody who is at a place that you want to be that can give you meaningful direction in order to get there. The opinion is everything else.

OYM Joshua Cameron | Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma: Many people mistake advice for opinion. Advice is somebody who is at a place that you want to be that can give you meaningful direction to get there. The opinion is everything else.

For so long, I was listening to opinions, which is getting that noise. I learned to distinguish between opinion and advice. You’re right, I didn’t learn this on my own. I certainly played with it, and I created and made it my own. I learned how to create my own map based on what I was taught. There’s nothing special about me except for my faith.

For myself, it’s a useful distinction to make between someone who’s a coach and someone who’s a mentor. As a coach or a teacher, I put those in the same category. They’ve learned things from sometimes their own personal experience, but a lot of it is from other teachers. They’re reading books in their teaching procedures. The coach might be analyzing my swing, my stance, or this, that, and the other thing. In my mind, that’s different from the mentor who reached the accomplishment level in whatever specific field that I want to make a level of accomplishment.

They can’t tell me exactly how to get there, but they can tell me what the path is like for them to reach the same kind of destination. My path may be different, but at least they’ve been through it at a certain level. Whether that is building a business or reaching a certain level of proficiency in sports, or having a marriage that’s enriching and enlivening for both, that would be the difference for me between a therapist and a mentor.

A lot of people who are doing therapy are trying to teach people the best thing they’ve learned about how to live a healthy, loving, and respectful life full of nurturing relationships and a healthy lifestyle. If we honestly take a look at our lives as therapists, we find there’s very little balance. We’re not exactly walking the walk, but we can talk about it beautifully sometimes. The mentor would be the person who has constructed their life in a way that resembles the results that they’re getting that I want.

As you mentioned with psychology or psychotherapy, that’s because that’s based on theory. There’s so much imbalance. Many therapists have a lot of darkness in their lives and a lot of chaos and disorder. The thing is that theory doesn’t cover the price of admission to higher levels of consciousness. Only experience can do that. If you look at it as say Abrahamic in the Bible, Abraham was called. It’s more meaningful to look at that as a metaphor than it is to necessarily look at it as a literal text. There was a war and there was a famine.

I bet if you asked him, “Do you think you could handle the stress of war and famine?” “No.” “Let’s get you to a place where you can experience life.” Most often, the goals that we want, whether it’s healing or having abundance in our lives, our goals are often looked at as the pursuit of happiness. It’s like, “I’ll be happy once I reach that goal. I’ll be happy once I reach that next accomplishment.” The problem is that we show up to that accomplishment as the same person. If that person before wasn’t happy, what makes us think that that person now is going to be happy?

One of my favorite teachers is Guy Finley. He says, “I hear all this stuff about manifesting. I’ll give you something to manifest. It’s really useful. Find a way to manifest being happy with whatever you have at this moment.” You go in here first and you realize you’re the one that creates your sense of satisfaction, contentment, dissatisfaction, happiness, or misery. Once you understand how you’re doing that, and as you’re talking about if someone gives you the tools, and you have the perseverance to start applying them in your life, then you’ll have manifested something of great value. That is that pearl of great price that they speak of in the scriptures.

It comes to, “Who do I need to become to manifest my goals into the world?” If we look at it that way, we realize it’s all about the journey. It’s not about the destination. Questions are the steering wheel of the mind, which then steer us onto a path. If we steer onto a path, and then start walking it, we’ll become a different type of person. That’s what’s most important. I’ve got a few tattoos around my body, and one of them is the Joker and Batman sharing a back, so they’re back to back. The Joker’s face looks very toxic. It’s kind of this bluish skin. This idea is, “Beware of the pursuit of happiness,” because in the pursuit of happiness, you can only be happy after that next accomplishment or after you climb that next hill.

Madness often masquerades as happiness. Usually, the only way to be a good person in that world is to be stoic and miserable, which is Batman. That’s not the world that I want to live in. It’s a warning that if we aren’t happy from within, if the universe is mental, if everything is consciousness, then that suggests to me that what I see in the outer world is a reflection of my inner world. If I command my inner world through love and acceptance of myself, then the only thing the outer world can reflect is love and acceptance. It might challenge me because life is about choosing love over fear and even more difficult circumstances.

Madness often masquerades as happiness. Usually, the only way to be a good person in that world is to be stoic and miserable. Share on X

To wrap this up, because I have this hard stuff I mentioned in the beginning, let’s give people once again. If people want to work with you or learn a little bit more from you, what’s the website that you prefer they use?

FreeMeFromPains.com, and they can go ahead and book a healing plan right there. It’s free. No hassle, no pressure. Let’s just talk about clarity. Let’s figure out some clarity and start aligning with what it is that you want. If nothing else, knowing what it is that you want and asking better questions can transform your life.

OYM Joshua Cameron | Healing Trauma

Healing Trauma: Knowing what you want and asking better questions can transform your life.


Thank you so much, Josh. I appreciate you taking the time to share your journey with our audience. I wish you all the best.

Timothy, I appreciate your time. I appreciate you holding space here. It’s been a great conversation. May love and truth always guide your path.


Joshua Cameron is an elite master healer who has learned to heal his own childhood trauma, as well as his post-traumatic stress disorder from his times at war. Joshua has a unique way of combining ancient wisdom with modern science and philosophy to make spirituality digestible and understandable.


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About Joshua Cameron

OYM Joshua Cameron | Healing TraumaJoshua is an elite master healer who has learned to heal his own childhood trauma abuse as well as PTSD from his times at war. Joshua has a very unique way of combining ancient wisdom with modern science and philosophy to make spirituality, which is often seen as esoteric, digestible, and understandable.



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