The Inside Effects:
Mark Hattas

I am so blessed to be part of this project and have put together resources for you.

Optimal Being ®

Whether for you personally or someone you love, the Optimal Being program supports the dissolution of everything in your way of living your best life.

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  • Podcast: On Your Mind with Dr. Timothy J. Hayes – 100+ episodes with guests exploring innovative support for mental health. Listen now.
  • 10 Steps Thought Leaders Use to be Ultra-Effective at Work & in Life: Download here.
  • 4-part Optimal Being mini-course – Get oriented to a few powerful Optimal Being principles in this 25-minute mini-course here.


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“Every entrepreneur and leader will benefit from this book. In a masterful way, Mark has illustrated the next level of visioning and how to accelerate its realization.”

Raman ChadhaCreator and Cofounder, The Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership

There are people in your life you are going to remember forever. They influence, inspire, and encourage you to rise to the best of possibilities in you. Excellence seems easier in their presence. Mark is one of these people! He is present, connected, in-tune and on target. If you can work with Mark say 'yes' for your own sake.

Adam MarkelBusiness Mentor, Keynote Speaker and International Bestselling Author of Pivot

“I loved this book! It’s always a sign of a good book when I can’t predict the plot. This book had me on the edge of my seat and made me feel a range of emotions…”

“Hattas is an incredible performance coach whose 10 elements of well-being integrated into this book go far beyond boilerplate leadership books. Do yourself a favor if you are a leader. Get this for yourself and share it with your team.”

Marcus D. CobbCEO, Jammber