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Our body sends us signals about our health and wellbeing far more than what we take notice of. The physical symptoms reveal other deeper issues that, when left unattended, may slowly creep their way up and become something much serious. Joy Dettling learned this the hard way. After all the stress—physically, emotionally, and mentally—and a laundry list of health issues, Joy found herself battling chronic health conditions and anxiety. In this episode, she joins Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D., to share how she was able to heal herself from that and now supports others on their journey as a life and health coach. Joy takes us into the energy work and yoga that she does with her clients and how she helps them get inside their subconscious and overcome trauma. Join her and Timothy as they discuss more the steps to healing in a holistic way.

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Holistic Healing: Reclaiming The Power Over Our Health With Life And Health Coach Joy Dettling

Joy Dettling grew up a wellness renegade in a household where healthy eating and alternative modalities were commonplace. However, even after growing up with a healthy lifestyle and a relatively stress-free childhood, she developed chronic health conditions and anxiety that increased into adulthood. What Joy did not understand until later years was that all her struggles with her physical and mental health were leading her on a path to realize life purpose. With years of research, trial and error, self-exploration, and a healthy dose of faith in the universe, she was able to heal herself. She discovered that all physical issues are communication from the higher being seeking deeper healing. She found that true healing happens when we bring support to all layers of the being physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. Joy now supports others on their journey as she does coaching for individuals on their path of self-healing.

Joy welcome. Thanks for being here.

It’s great to be here. Thanks for having me on.

I’m glad that Mitzi made the introductions and I was hoping you could tell us a little bit about what got you started in the work you’re doing and what drives your passion for it.

It’s a story that I believe my whole life has brought me to this point. What I do is I have been doing life coaching helping mostly people with issues that have a chronic illness and health issues, but also the issues that surround that. I do work with a lot of emotional and mental issues tied into that because I feel like it is a big part of the roots of the issues, which is my work very focused on getting to the roots. What’s brought me here is a lifetime of personal experience with these kinds of issues. A few years ago, my health got very bad. It’s like I hit a brick wall and it was a slow progression to that state.

It had been with me for 15 to 20 years before that but it was so mild and crept up so slowly that I didn’t notice it. It became a part of me to the point where I thought, isn’t everyone tired, stressed out, have a laundry list of health issues, and things that are wrong with them. These things started to become normal to me because they progressed at such a slow rate. It wasn’t until years ago, I had a point in my life where I had a lot of stress in about every category of my life. I had moved to a new city. I was in a relationship that wasn’t working. I was in the process of starting my first business. I was so very financially unstable. There was like every single part of my life was not working.

Our body is a communication system, and, a lot of the time, it's trying to communicate all these issues that are deeper beneath. Share on X

On top of that, I had a lot of health issues. When I hit all this stress, it knocked me down to the point where all the health issues that I had got much worse. I had extreme fatigue, constant body aches, indigestion, trouble tolerating a lot of foods, and headaches. The list goes on. It got to be way too much to ignore because I was getting to a point where I could not function in doing the basic things that I needed to do in my life. It was a waking up because before that, I was asleep to all of my health issues and how I needed to be taking care of myself. It was a wake-up call that now is the time you got to figure something out. I decided, “I got to start seeing some doctors get some blood tests and see what’s going on.” No one could figure out what was going on with me. I had to take my health into my own hands and responsibility for myself. I wasn’t able to work much. The strength that I did have, I put that towards figuring out how to heal myself.

This is what has driven a lot of my current philosophy. The way that I work with people is that in order to get to the roots to heal, we have to look below the physical symptoms. Those physical symptoms are an indicator of other deeper issues beneath that, which are going to be more in the mental aspect, the emotional aspect, or the spiritual realm that these physical symptoms that I was having were a way of my body to communicate to me. There were all these deeper issues that I was ignoring and not addressing. I went through my own process, detective work, and exploration. That has driven and highly influenced the way I work with people now. My story is what’s got me here.

What’s the core of the tools you found work for you that you now offer to others?

Every person is very different. A lot of what I do in my coaching is giving people the ability to see what’s going on with them. A lot of people get stuck on this physical level. They see that there are some physical issues and they don’t see that connection to the deeper issues in the mental and the emotional. I do help them build a lot of awareness that their body is a communication system and a lot of the time, it’s trying to communicate all these issues that are deeper beneath. I do a lot of work with mindset in the awareness building but a lot of work with emotional exploration and seeing what emotions might be lodged in the body. When we suppress emotion, it tends to find ways into our body and might express as a stomach ache, tender knees, or stiff neck. We need to find these emotions and healthy ways to express them. If we’re not healthily expressing our emotions, there’s going to be a lot of imbalance in the body. I help people build awareness around these issues and start to get this locked energy that might be in the body to find ways to let it express and come out.

The old adage that pain and discomfort is a way to try and make our ears grow. We’ll listen at deeper levels to what’s going on. As you were referred to me, someone was telling me about the work that you do. That’s energy work and yoga. How do you blend those two? What kinds of energy work do you do?

OYM Joy Dettling | Healing Health

Healing Health: A lot of people get stuck on this physical level. They see that there are some physical issues but fail to see the connection to deeper issues.


The energy work that I do, I would call it more frequency healing, but it’s all energy. I’ve started doing these sessions that work on the subconscious level and there’s the conscious work that we do, which is building awareness, exploring our emotions, negative thoughts, and things like that. I’ve found that with people who have issued that become chronic like people that’s been dealing with issues for years. Oftentimes, they’ve tried a lot of things. A lot of times, when people come to me, I’m the last person that they’ve come to. They’ve been through the mill with doctors. They might’ve seen other practitioners as well.

I ended up being like, “I’ve tried everything and nothing works.” When I hear that, I start to think of working on the subconscious level because if we do all this conscious work, it helps the conscious aspect of ourselves. However, 90% to 95% of our brain activity is subconscious. It depends on the person. Think of all the automatic processes that happen based on our subconscious, which control our body and the function of our body. All of the memories, past stresses, and potentially past trauma all get stored and locked away in our subconscious. Consciously, we don’t even know that our body’s still reacting to those things.

It’s when I run into people who tell me they’ve tried everything and they don’t know what to do that. I start to think there must be something on the subconscious level that needs to be worked with. I’ve started doing these sessions, which I call Perception Reframing. They’re using technology by the ZYTO company called EVOX. It’s a type of biofeedback therapy. It takes the stress patterns of your voice. Every session, someone chooses a topic that they have stress around and speak about that topic. The technology is recording the stress patterns in their voice. Based on that, they sent healing frequencies vibrations through a little technology device, and these healing frequencies allow for the stress patterns that they might be holding subconsciously about that topic. It allows those stress patterns to clear. It’s almost like hitting a reset button. It’s biofeedback. We measure stress patterns on the voice and then based on that, you receive your frequencies. You speak again and it measures the stress patterns. It sends you these frequencies and it goes back and forth like that until all the stress patterns have cleared in your voice.

I found this to be an amazing modality in how effortless it is. If you think of something like saying affirmations. I believe that saying affirmations is very powerful. I, myself, have experienced working with affirmations. There’s a lot of effort that often has to go into saying them because you’re consciously saying them again and repeat them for days whereas this subconscious healing is within a session. That’s usually about twenty minutes. It’s like you’re taking one topic and clearing all the stress patterns around it. Not what you think is stressing you out about this issue, but all the things that subconsciously might be stressing you out that you’re not even aware of. It’s like being able to go in and clean out all the gunk around an issue, whether you’re aware of that it’s there or not. What I found is for those who have had long-standing issues, where they’ve done a lot of conscious work, these subconscious pattern is being able to clear that out. It has had a tremendous effect on people. All of a sudden, they start to see these things that were blocks for years. There’s energy moving there, something changing, or happening there.

You and I were talking a little bit about almost all of your work are virtual or telehealth. Are you able to do this through the telehealth system?

All I do is I send out the technology that someone needs. There’s a hand device that you use for the frequencies. I send that to people that I’m working with and it’s all done over the phone. That is one of the beauties of technology, as much as I’d love to see people and work with them in person and exchange energy in that manner. Also, technology has made these things so simple and easy to be able to spread this kind of healing modality to anyone.

When you’re doing that, you send the device to somebody, and then you’re having a session, are you using a structured interview? Are you having them talk about what’s bothering them? How does that work?

They’re talking about whatever comes to mind on the given topic. Let’s say a common topic might be anxiety or something like a general kind of topic. I would guide that person to keep anxiety in their awareness and speak on whatever comes to mind about anxiety and not withhold or hold back. They can trust me, I’m here to support them and not to judge them but inviting them to be completely open and say whatever comes to mind. What’s amazing about this subconscious work is that the healing isn’t coming from what’s being said, but it’s more coming from the energetic level. It’s coming from the stress frequencies that are coming through the voice. Someone could even technically be saying, blah, blah, blah as long as they’re thinking about their anxiety and keep that in their consciousness. They’re still going to receive the healing.

The first step in healing is claiming back responsibility. Share on X

As a coach, I will guide them if they seem to be getting stuck or there’s something that’s not flowing. They don’t know what to say or where to go next. I have a reading on my end that is measuring different types of stress patterns. I’m able to see what aspects of stress are coming up for them the most as they speak. If someone is getting stuck, I might be able to say, “I’m observing here on my end that the stress pattern related to sadness is coming up high now.” I haven’t heard you speak about that. How does sadness plan to this? I might say that and then it clicks, things come together, and then the stress pattern is often clear because they’re able to get that little last piece that comes into their consciousness. Maybe that sadness was something that they were avoiding or simply not aware of.

It’s very similar to the work I do with the neuro-emotional technique, but that needs the person in the room, the therapist or coach to be testing the energy system, and cycling back and forth. It requires this level of willingness to in the person to face things that they don’t want to face. It sounds like this technology that you’ve got access to helps bypass some of that.

It’s a little bit of both because it does help you bypass a lot of the things. You don’t necessarily have to relive a traumatic experience in order to get through that trauma or release it in this method. I observed that there’s someone who might be withholding maybe there’s something that they feel embarrassed about and they don’t want to share with me, there’s something they feel ashamed about and don’t want to say, or things that they simply don’t want to acknowledge themselves even. As far as working through stress and trauma with this method, you might go through some of that. There might be an emotional release during this process. I often will have clients cry during the session. I can say for myself, in my own experience, I’ve gone into full-body sweats. I’ve had what I would call emotional and healing clearings through the body like detoxification. Those things might happen if they’re a part of the process, but again, I consider it fairly gentle and painless for doing that and working with more deep-seated things.

What’s the pattern of sessions and the cost for somebody who might want to work with you?

This is a biofeedback technology. The handed device that I send out, actually reads for the strongest resonance in the person for many different aspects. After we’re done with the session, you have your hand on this device and it sends a frequency into your hand to see how many days to integrate. It’ll test for 2, 3, 4, up to 10 days. It sees what integration period resonates most strongly with your body. The schedule is not necessarily regular. We schedule the sessions based on whatever integration period has the highest resonance. That could be anywhere from 2 to 10 days.

Since the schedule is not necessarily regular, I charge on a monthly basis. Also, because I believe that to do this work is not a one-off thing where I have a lot of people that will experience. It’s because the session is irregular. I believe that to get deep impact and benefit from these sessions, it should be worked for a month or a couple of months at least. In order to get through, I would consider top-level issues for most people. There’s also a series that comes up that has to do with working with transgenerational stresses as well. It’s very important for people to get through that series and their time working with me because it’s a very powerful series and it takes a couple of weeks usually to get through that. The people who want to work with this should consider doing it for a couple of months. My monthly rate is $454. That’s for unlimited sessions as they come up based on what the integration rhythm is for that person.

I’m going to have to assume, based on the novelty of the technology that it’s not something insurance companies recognize or reimbursed for.


When we hire a coach, we’re paying without insurance intervention and we have to get convinced of the value to be able to spend that money. One of the things that is so difficult for me is to encourage people to say, “You could get your insurance company to pay for you to have sessions and a whole bunch of medications for the rest of your life. You’d still want to see a therapist because you don’t feel so good or you could get a lump sum of money together and do some serious work and clear these issues and not have to take the medications and/or see the therapist on a regular basis.” That’s the educational part that we have to face when we want people to see a coach or do deep work like this.

Any kind of deep work which is found more in alternative modalities and therapies, I tend to look at these things as priceless. I have spent so much money on myself as far as health goes or mental health goes. Much of that has been in the alternative realm or in ways that my insurance is not going to pay. I can look at that when my health was challenged. I did go through the system where insurance would have covered my treatment. However, there were no good treatment options for me or no answers. Anything that there would have been medications that might’ve given me side effects and not given me solutions that I was looking for. This is a conversation that I do often have with people. I truly believe that money has a very energetic quality to it.

I’ve started to see money as energy and see what we’re putting our energy towards based on what we spend it on. If there’s an area of our life lacking or depleted whether that’s health our mental well-being, if that area is depleted, we can look and see that we’re not spending money on it. If we’re spending our own money on these things as opposed to depending on someone else to give us money to spend on these things, it’s a powerful step energetically. It is a step in us taking responsibility for our health, which is the first step in healing. It’s claiming back responsibility. Doing that through our energetic use of money is a powerful way.

It taps into that other piece, which is willingness. If I have come up with the energy in the form of money to devote to correcting an imbalance in me, it helps me have the willingness to go through the uncomfortable parts or face the uncomfortable parts. There’s a little extra investment in motivation there.

I’m the type of person where a gym membership is very much worth the money because if I’m paying for something, it motivates me to do something. If I’m paying for a gym membership or fitness classes, I am going to go and use it. I might not be motivated to do those things at home or something. For a lot of people, that is the case too.

How long have you been using the ZYTO EVOX? What kind of a network of people is using this work or that you might be able to tap into for training or colleagues that you can run things by?

OYM Joy Dettling | Healing Health

Healing Health: If we’re not healthily expressing our emotions, there’s going to be a lot of imbalance in the body.


I don’t know a ton of people that are doing this technology. I have been using it as a patient for over the years. I started using it with a naturopath who I’ve worked with as their patient for years. I’ve been using it with my own clients. I first started using it with the people I was already doing coaching with it. I was like, “This would be a great addition to the coaching that I do.” I’m even taking people and doing this subconscious healing work as its own thing. I know three other practitioners I personally know that use this. That’s me being someone who knows a lot of people in the wellness world. I’ve been doing work to update my website in that process that I have been doing research on what other people are saying about this process of the people who offer it. There’s not a very strong presence for it. I’m not sure why that is. Other than I see it is very difficult to market. That’s why a lot of practitioners are not bringing it in. We come from a culture where people are looking for quick fixes and the magic bullet.

Our culture becomes very focused on the physical level of health. That might be why this modality is a little bit of an oddball when it comes to marketing and things to ways to attract people. My client isn’t on the physical level of their health. In that whole process, they’ve had to dig deeper and go to the mental level, emotional level, energetic level, and spiritual level. It’s also affected all those levels as much as it has the physical. It has such a different effect on our being than most of the solutions that people are looking for a quick fix. They’re looking like, “My low back is sore. What’s an exercise I can do to help with it.” We’ve lost the holistic view of our health, which in my mind, the holistic view isn’t just looking at the whole body physically. It’s about looking at the whole body and the whole emotional network, energy system, our spiritual connection, community connection, thoughts, feelings, and all those things. They all tie into our holistic view of health.

As you’re talking about all this in presenting the ZYTO EVOX, in a way for my mind, it’s coming full circle because the people were working at a deep level. They were working at this cause level of these emotions, unconscious, and cross-generational patterns. They had very rudimentary primitive tools for that and it took years. We’ve been through all kinds of things that happened with the HMOs and PPOs and people saying, “We need short therapy. I can fix that patient in 3 sessions or 2 sessions.” They were working in this very shallow, “Let’s relieve the symptom as few sessions as possible.” We had people come out and say, “How can we work deep but be brief.” There were all these techniques that happened with experiential work. I see this as coming in and there are several different levels of the technology that are coming in to help us get access to that deeper work.

It’s a hopeful thing for people who, like you, had serious problems and went to the traditional medical model. The allopathic medical model is not the traditional medical model. It’s the current medical model. I got corrected by that. When I said traditional medicine, that’s like native American or indigenous medicine and it’s that holistic approach. Our allopathic tradition is to go after the symptoms. When you expand out from that, and you look at something to help with cause level shifting of these energies and look at the person as a whole person, the functional medicine movement, the integrative medicine movement, and holistic medicine are exciting. I’m grateful that you were sharing that with us. I realize we’re getting close to having to wrap this up. I wanted to give you a chance to take a breath and settle into the question. What is there about what you do or what you offer people we haven’t even touched on yet and you want to make sure we get in.

We’ve touched on a lot. We haven’t touched on my coaching as much as we did the subconscious healing, the Perception Reframing. There’s this subconscious aspect, which we’ve talked about and dove into it a lot as well. I have this tool for the subconscious, which was the perfect compliment for my coaching, which was working very holistically on the conscious level of things. It continues this idea of what is holistic care for ourselves. Most of the people that come to me have a lot of physical issues. When we first have our conversation, I tell them, “I believe that I can help you get over these physical issues.”

Each and every individual does have the power to heal themselves. Share on X

It’s usually not in any way they’ve experienced before or expected because we end up looking at all of these other things. We talked about the way that you can affect the subconscious level, but doing those in a more conscious way and looking at what is it about your lifestyle. There might be so much added stress going on that you’re not even aware of how much it’s stressing you out. A lot of the work I do is to find, “You have these physical issues, but do you struggle with anxiety ever? They started happening three years ago. Tell me what’s what happened three years ago.”

Almost always, there is an answer like, “I was in this terrible car accident three years ago.” It brings together awareness. I believe that health is about taking responsibility, as I’ve said before. A part of that is doing your detective work. I have so much experience in tools, myself having done so much detective work but my hope is to instill empowerment with everyone that I work with. They have the power to go in and heal themselves in a system where much of our society is taught us that we don’t have the tools or the power to heal ourselves. A huge part of the work that I do is to help people to reclaim their responsibility for their health and power because I believe each and every individual does have that power to heal themselves.

You said you’ve been working with the ZYTO EVOX, is that right?


I look forward to hearing about how your continued use of it goes and ways to market it. I appreciate your willingness to share this with our audience. If people want to reach out to you or connect with you, what’s the best way?

The best way is if through social media is my Facebook page. You can find my Facebook page for Upswing Wellness or my website UpswingWellness.com. Otherwise, if you want to get in touch directly, you can also email me at Joy@UpswingWellness.com.

I thank you. It’s been a delight learning. I’ll look forward to following your work and seeing what’s happening with Upswing Wellness.

Thank you so much. It was great.


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About Joy Dettling

OYM Joy Dettling | Healing HealthJoy Dettling grew up a wellness renegade in a household where healthy eating and alternative modalities were commonplace. However, even after growing up with a healthy lifestyle and a relatively stress-free childhood, she developed chronic health conditions and anxiety that increased into her adulthood.

What Joy did not understand until later years, was that all her struggles with her physical and mental health were leading her on a path to realizing her purpose.

With years of research, trial and error, self-exploration, and a healthy dose of faith in the Universe she was able to heal herself. She discovered that all physical issues are communication from the Being seeking deeper healing. She found that true healing happens when we bring support to all layers of the Being: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.

Now Joy supports others on their journey, coaching individuals on their path of self-healing.


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