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We believe that everyone can experience a state of full mental health when the necessary resources and support are provided.

Because people respond to different modes of treatment, we have compiled a variety of resources that many people have found effective. As you peruse this page, we hope you are drawn to one or more resources that resonate with you.

Optimal Being® program

The core idea of the Optimal Being® program is that human beings are innately brilliant.  Through an interactive, innovative online platform, the 14-week Optimal Being® program delivers practical tools that guide the participant to fully access their intuitive guidance system and align with their inner brilliance. Upon completion of the program, participants have experienced greater mental and emotional clarity, higher levels of trust in self and others, stronger connections, reduced stress and increased joy and productivity.

The founders of Journey’s Dream have invested more than one million dollars of private funding to design, develop, implement and refine this state-of-the-art, multimedia educational experience called the Optimal Being® program. The 14-week program provides tools for individuals  to improve their lives in ten categories including: stress management, freedom from fear, use of will, and love of self/others.. The tools in the program were drawn from a body of work that has been tested and proven effective with tens of thousands of people.

With the Optimal Being® program you can expect to activate the very best of you, and do it on your own schedule with support. Along the way, the lessons, your Program Guide, Optimal Being Mentor, and community of co-participants will reinforce you consistently living as the optimal you.

Affiliate Programs

Our Affiliate Programs have been developed by some of our trusted affiliates. They are designed to support health and well-being, optimal performance in life and work, and ultimately, a life of purpose and joy.

Practitioner Network

The Journey’s Dream Practitioner Network is a digital database of practitioners who approach mental health care with the philosophy of recovery. It is easy to access local practitioners by entering a city, state or zip code.

Mentoring & Support

Journey’s Dream offers personal one-on-one Mentoring  and Support for individuals and families who are affected by mental health challenges. You may discuss any topic with your mentor: relationships, work, money, faith, addictions, struggles, successes, opportunities, etc.

Our mentors have had their own firsthand experience with mental illness, transformation and recovery. Each mentor’s skills have been honed through thousands of hours of training and refinement. Though mentors offer shared experiences, they do not give advice. The introduction of tools and support systems empower individuals on their own path to well-being.

Your mentor’s responsibility is to consistently see the highest and best in you, which  supports you experiencing that in yourself consistently. In addition, mentors have a highly developed sense of intuition that allows them to meet you where you are, helping you uncover and resolve core challenges. The results are truly remarkable.

Shared Wisdom

Our Shared Wisdom page is a place where we share our stories, inspirational music, videos, books, and quotes we love that connect us and build community.


The books featured on our Books page were written by our founders and those who inform and and actively support our core mission. We wish to share these stories of hope, inspiration, and recovery with you.


Journey’s Dream has created The Store to provide access to potentially helpful products and services that are available in the broader marketplace. We’ve aggregated this list for your consideration.

Additional Resources

These helpful  links to Additional Resources outside of Journey’s Dream consist of categories such as suicide prevention, substance abuse recovery, dealing with depression, screening questions, and links to other organizations we partner with.