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Journey’s Dream has created The Store to provide access to potentially helpful products and services that are available in the broader marketplace. We’ve aggregated this list for your consideration only and make no claim as to the items’ efficacy. In some cases, Journey’s Dream receives an affiliate fee for purchases, and will use those funds in support of its mission. More items coming soon. Happy shopping!

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Optimal Being course

In this program, you will learn to use tools that have been tested and proven effective with thousands of individuals in multiple countries over the past fifty years. By using these tools you will experience clarity, confidence and peace.


Nano Soma

NANO SOMA is a plant-based nanoemulsion that helps the body repair itself.

“I’m so grateful!!!!! I didn’t expect to feel this good so quickly!”


The Advanced Brain Listening Program

We at Journey’s Dream personally use this product and have found it to be very effective..

NOTE: The above link takes you to the Advanced Brain store, so scroll down to select a membership level.


Bravo Probiotics Concentrate Capsules 30 day supply

We at Journey’s Dream personally use this probiotic for improved gut health and have found it to be of outstanding quality.

NOTE: The above link takes you to the Zen Earth store, so scroll down to the Bravo probiotic product.