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Challenges may seem to break you, but they are opportunities to make you. Today’s guest recognizes that opportunity from challenges to build himself and others. Dr. Loren Michaels-Harris, the founder of The Power of We Symposium, shares a compelling journey harnessing the power to shed shame and reinvent blame. See how he harnesses the power of life’s curve balls to refine others’ life trajectories. He aims to create a ripple effect of positivity towards others for them to create that ripple for others too. Dr. Loren also narrates how he founded the Power of We Symposium and how it resonates with him. Find value in this inspiring episode to overcome obstacles and transform your life today.

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Dr. Loren Michaels-Harris Authority On How To Shed Shame

Dr. Loren Michaels-Harris became an authority on how to shed shame and reinvent blame after having survived six years within the state foster care system and having experienced the joys and traumas associated with having had 22 different mothers. Loren is dedicated to sharing with others his systemic approach in harnessing the true power found within life’s curve balls, thereby utilizing that power to refine one’s trajectory in life. As a mentor and “Break Through Coach,” author and friend, Loren Michaels-Harris believes we are all part of the ripple effect. It is his duty to use his story to create a ripple effect that will reach positively around the globe.

Dr. Loren, thank you so much for joining us.

Thanks for having me.

I’m hoping you could start us off with a little story about how you do the work you do, how you got into it, and what drives your passion for it.

I got into it like a salmon swimming upstream. That’s what it felt like, but then I flipped over and started swimming along with the current. What it means to me, the swimming upstream part, were all the things that I didn’t know, but nonetheless, I had to live with and deal with. I got to a point in my journey where I realized that purpose, everything that is greater than me, works on a need-to-know basis. Once I embraced it, things began to get a lot easier to manage. What that means to me and what I share with others is that it’s never about just one thing. I could have chosen to stay swimming upstream, thinking that everything was working against me, but I’d had enough. I chose to seek differently. Once I chose to seek differently, I started living and experiencing in a whole new way.

The work I do now is based on the process, which is you go into things. You go in and you have no compass oftentimes, but you do have one G and one O because you got to go. You have to because you’re pushed in the pull. Once you keep moving, for many decades, I listened to what I refer to now as wall talk. People saying, “Don’t worry, Loren, you’ll get over that. There must be a way around it. Somehow you’re going to find a way to dig yourself from underneath this.” They meant well, all those well-wishers, but it was wall talk, opportunities I’ve never heard.

It dawned on me one day, I’ve never heard of a wall of opportunity. I’ve heard of windows and doors because I now know that what is greater than myself, everything that works to serve me helps me find my highest self each day, knows that if I find the courage, which I did and still do on a day-to-day basis, to peek through the window of purpose. All I have to do is reach for the hand of what is greater than me and together, we walk through that door of purpose. You got to go into it if you want to get through the other side.

Now, you come out the other side, you go, “Wait a minute. I don’t just have a G and an O. I have an R and a W as well.” You go, then you grow. Now, you’re immediately an authority, so you know something. The automatic thing for me, anyway, and I believe for most of us, is that desire to be of service and how you must give it away, so you show people. You go, you grow, you know, and you show. That’s how I got into the work I do now. That’s the long version.

What would you say pushed you into the pull? What was the turning point in your life?

The turning point and what pushed me in the pull were things I had no control over, trauma, the unexpected, the unforeseen, all those things that begin the grooming process, or they did for me anyway. I posted about that regarding faith from decades. I believed that faith was a thing. I remember when someone told me once, an old gentleman who heard me praying for faith and said, “Don’t you know faith is the only thing you can’t pray for.” I was like, “What?” He said, “No, because if it has to be given to you, then you don’t have it.” It clicked. It made sense. Years later, I found my way into a belief that, for me, faith is not a thing any longer. It’s a place. It’s wherever I find myself. I keep it within reach, like in my pocket, if you will.

Faith is the only thing you can't pray for because you don't have it if it has to be given. Share on X

No matter what it looks like on the outside, as long as I keep that pebble of faith, the size of a mustard seed, as we’re told, somewhere on my person, within my spirit, it is there with me no matter what. I believe that that’s my commission, to help those who are seeking and to find that little piece that I know to be true. I only share with people those things I know to be true, which means the jury’s not out any longer, the verdict is in, which means it’s not in my pocket on a thumb drive, it’s on my hard drive. I know that I will not change this mindset ever, no matter what. A lot of people are hungry for something to believe in. There’s an innate desire within all of us to be a part of something greater than ourselves. I find the first place to fulfill that need is within faith.

One of the things that I’ve heard over the years that resonated for me is an ancient definition for the word that’s come down from the ancient Aramaic into English. It comes down to us as faith. In the ancient Aramaic, it was a word that meant acting from the rooted center of your being. Finding the core truth of your being and then acting from that. You are certainly taking action these days. Can you talk to us about some of the activities that you have going, some of the work you’re doing?

I can, but I want to hit something that you brought in, which is very important. When you said acting, it had the “ing” on it. That means we’re in the process. It is actually happening. If somebody calls you and you’re busy, “Sorry, I can’t talk right now, I’m working,” or “I’ll call you later, I’m sleeping,” you’re in the process of the act. That’s why I love the mindset that faith is a place because I am living in every moment, which means I’m within that action of living. When faith is there with me, I don’t have to seek it. It’s already here. All I have to do is reach for it. Reaching, believing, and all those things.

OYM Loren Michaels-Harris | How To Shed Shame

How To Shed Shame: Faith is a place because we don’t have to seek it if faith is with us. It’s already here.


Let me be clear because work is a definition that’s different from person to person. For me, when I speak to that question of what my work is, it boils down to what I can do and do it to the best of my ability to ease suffering in the world. I will respond to your question from there. For me, what I do to ease suffering in the world is, first of all, I show up no matter what every day based on who I am that day. I know the moment my eye is open because it is a blessing that I’m already great because I’m still here. I then spend that day seeking an E and an R so that I can say at the end of the day, “Yes, look at that. I’ve taken great to greater.”

If I do that on a consistent basis, one day when I transition from here to whatever form I take next, hopefully, what is greater than me can say, “See, every day you got up great and you looked for ways to become greater and that’s why now you’re leaving this journey. One of my greatest.” That’s basically it. The work I do changes from moment to moment, person to person. I do coaching. I coach people that come to me. I don’t choose them, I don’t believe, and I don’t believe they choose me. They think they do. I believe that we’ve already been chosen for each other.

When we come together, it’s not just about what I can provide them, but I also let them know that I am seeking what they are bringing to me. Within purpose, I believe there’s always a two-way feed. It’s never about just one thing. The way I help people the most, believe it or not, my coaching is a little different. I don’t start working with people based on pointing out to them what’s missing. I believe we should all start with becoming great stewards of what we already have, no matter what that is. So many of us throw our greatest gifts, even trauma and things like that, into proverbial junk drawers. We let them slide and slip between the cushions of our lives or under the seat.

We should all start by becoming great stewards of what we already have, no matter what that is. Share on X

The first thing I do is we look for all the things you already have because I look at life like a banquet table with a plethora of chairs around it. You got to set the table before you can serve those who will sit in those chairs, those people that occupy the front row seats of our lives. With that table, it keeps me humble and it keeps ego out of the way because I know that I’ve asked and requested a seat at the table. I also am reminded constantly who built that table. That is what is or who is whatever you ascribe to that is greater than myself. That’s exactly how I refer to it. Everything that is greater than me.

That accountability part, being a great steward, bringing everything to the middle of the table. When we do that, we start seeing the things that are missing instead of looking for things that we think are missing when we already have them. I think that’s what keeps so many people stuck. They’re looking for things they already have, but they’re looking every place but where they’re at. That’s how I begin my work with my coaching clients. When people work with me, there’s no expiration date. You don’t come into my world of coaching for a 6-month program or a 12-week program. They come in once and they come in for life.

It holds me accountable and it lets them know there’s no clock ticking where it’s going to run out. “When’s this going to happen?” I don’t know what the divine is doing in your life or the timing of it. I know that if I promise you, I’m going to do my best and I’ll be here with you beside you. None of us are above or below, in front or behind. We should be where we are meant to be, right there next to each other, so I promise people that I’ll be there with you.

That changes a lot, believe it or not, in their approach to what they believe is possible. Suddenly, all the things they’ve been seeking or a great majority of it start to appear. They think it’s because I’m all that and it’s not. It’s because they were always exactly who they were. They just didn’t realize it. I do that. One of my passion pieces is because it seems to me that my entire journey has been crafted, sketched, and drawn in around that sacred season known as childhood.

My journey and the trauma came into my life from the very beginning. A product of rape, stolen from my mother in the hospital and I didn’t see my birth mother again for 32 years. All the children that passed through my world all those years in foster care and all the decades it took me to get to where I am now, everything is about kids, the innocence, the mystery, and the magic of that season.

OYM Loren Michaels-Harris | How To Shed Shame

How To Shed Shame: Everything is about kids, the innocence, mystery, and the magic of that season.


I have a thing called The Power of WE Symposium. It’s not a nonprofit. It’s a movement. We go wherever we’re asked to go. To pour into kids, spend a day with them, a week with them, however long we’re asked to go, loving them, listening to them, being there for them and with them. Eye to eye, knee to knee, heart to heart. I remember when I was in the system, people would come in, politicians and different folks, with their own agendas and their own angles. They’d get us the group home or the foster home would get us all dressed up. The people would take pictures with us and put us on their shoulders and things. They’d go into that meeting they were there for and we wait around wanting more of what they gave us on the front end, and then they’d come out and suddenly we were invisible.

One time, a guy pushed me out of the way, “Out of my way, kid.” I’ve never forgotten that. In The Power of WE, when we pour into these kids, it is whatever the amount of time, it’s focused directly on them, with them, and for them. I love that. I then speak on stages when I’m asked. I don’t speak on stages where they allow you to pay to play, whether I’m doing it or not, even if anyone else. It’s one of the rules within my coaching program. We do not stand on stages where people can pay to play.

A lot of people go, “Why not? What’s wrong with that?” I’ll tell you why. It’s because when people pay for a platform, they pay to say whatever they want. It does not have to be integrity-based. It can come with an angle. Just because I don’t own a wet Labradoodle that shakes, I can still walk away from a situation smelling like I own a wet Labradoodle because of guilt by association. We don’t do that because I encourage the people that work with me and I am steadfast in this myself. I don’t want anyone to ever point to me when I’m gone from this place and say, “Loren sold me this or that.” I would hope that they would say, “Loren told me this or that.” I don’t sell. I merely tell. I tell what I know to be true. I’d leave it at that, no matter what.

I speak on stages and then I have a television network now to provide content, Trajectory Television, where content meets direction, providing people who want to take their story as far as that story can reach, which is endless and boundless. That is there and Trajectory Magazine, which supports those storytellers and creatives. We have that now.

It’s story, just having a conversation and encouraging people to live not a version of their story. A version means that something was left out or something was added or fluffed up. Live your authentic story, which means you must go back, no matter if you’re a believer or you’re an atheist. All of our stories begin with “Once upon a time” or “In the beginning.” Choose. You must go back or at least be willing to, one day, go back to the very beginning so that you can understand your journey in its fullness.

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I remember when I started my television show, Bathrobe Moments. I’d have an author and they’d send me the copy of the books so that I could prepare for their interview. I was shocked at how many books people wrote that started with, “It all began when I was seventeen years old. My story began during the birth of my first child.” Things like that. I go, “How can that be? That’s not where it began.” For me, it’s just waking up each day and I no longer shoot for the beach, the sand that I see across the water. I shoot for the horizon because the horizon is where the sun that I see coming up or setting. Somewhere in the world, someone else is watching it in reverse.

I think about them and I wonder who you are. I believe, in my own case and in my own situation that by doing that, it provides me a global opportunity because I am connecting. I do believe in the promise of two or more. I really do. That’s why it’s called The Power of WE, not The Power of ME. My life changed just by turning one letter in the opposite direction from the M into the W. It’s all about being of service and seeking everything that is possible outside of myself after I have acknowledged what is possible within myself. I know it probably sounds a little boring, but it keeps me going.

Can you tell us a little bit more about The Power of WE Symposium, how it functions, how people get in touch with you about it and where you’re active with that?

The Power of WE Symposium is an annual event. It usually takes place in the month of May. It has every year so far. It started in 2018 here in Chicago to service inner city youth because I live in the Chicago area in a suburb. Every time you watch the news and they talk about the kids in those hard hit areas, they only show the negative. I never saw or very seldom would see them celebrate the kids that were doing their best, contributing, and dreaming to change this world. I went looking for them and I found them.

The Power of WE is designed to spend a day. As I said, there’s a red carpet and paparazzi in a step and repeat. I always choose an event facility, a venue, if you will, that has wrought iron fencing, because one of my favorite movies that resonates still, I have the posters and the golden ticket right there, was Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. I’ll never forget I was with those kids when they stood outside waiting for him to come down that red carpet that day to get into the chocolate factory with their golden ticket.

The kids showed up, the buses dropped them off, and they see all of us who are there to serve them that day. We were dressed in tuxedos and evening gowns. They looked through the fence and we purposely kept them locked out. They watch us pose and the paparazzi’s were like, “Over here.” We then go into the mansion or in Atlanta. It was The Biltmore Ballroom in Romania when we were on tour. We go out the back door, we come around the block right up behind them, and they’re still watching people in there.

We’re going, “What are you looking at?” They don’t even turn around in most cases. “Look at all those stars.” They turn around and see us, “You were just in there.” We go, “Yeah, but we want you to know we’re not stars. We’re people just like you. We’re just older versions. We’re going to open up this gate and now we’re going to line that red carpet and we’re going to celebrate you as we’re going to do all day long. We want you to trust us for today. When you come into this experience from a standpoint of faith, you may walk in as a stargazer, but we’re going to make sure you leave this place as a trailblazer, knowing all that you have within you, which is purposeful and brilliant. Believe that you can change this world.”

The Power of WE, there’s a website, PowerOfWESymposium.com. People can go there and you can reach out if you’re a community, a school, or wherever. If you say, “How do we get our kids to The Power of WE?” It’s completely sponsored. We raise every penny. Kids, the chaperones, no one ever pays to come into The Power of WE. We do sell vendor space and we do sell sponsorship packages, of course, to pay for the event. We never ever paid for the whole thing from raising funds.

This time was very challenging because it was our first time out of the country. It shocked me that usually there are 5 or 6, a handful of corporate supporters who will buy one of our packages. This time, not one of them would do it because we weren’t servicing kids in the United States. I had to take it for the first time ever to the people and I did it through GoFundMe. We raised pretty close to 60% of the cost.

It’s interesting because I posted about the difference between fear and faith. I wake up and I look at the week in front of me. Why? It’s because I have people knocking on the door because there’s still $30,000 that I have to pay people that trusted me. “We’ll advance you this service or that product and we’ll trust that you’ll pay us. We’ll give you three months after you come back from Romania.” That time is now and you wake up and you don’t know where it’s coming from. That’s why faith is a place. Thank God for that.

The Power of WE is that thing because I never want to forget how important the magic of youth is. All the secrets and all the things that we don’t have answers to that, I believe those answers exist in our children. We just have to keep them vested, healthy, happy, and most importantly, alive long enough for them to bring it out and get it out. That’s The Power of WE. You can find everything on the website. There are pictures and video. There are testimonials. If you’re interested in all of our people, volunteer. No one ever gets paid. They all volunteer. I want people there that are there because they want to be.

Everything that we don't have answers to exists in our children. We should keep them vested, healthy, happy, and alive long enough for them to bring it out and get it out. Share on X

Did you say you started this in 2018?


What was the impetus for this back then?

I’ll be honest and transparent. In 2018, I had just completed my 100th stage appearance. Speech number 100 for me was the first time I ever shared the stage with other people. At that event in San Diego, I went out to San Diego, I met a marketer there from Las Vegas and I used to live in Las Vegas. He goes, “We should do something together.” I was like, “Okay. Great.” I didn’t have any events. I didn’t have anything. I had just gone to my first one with other people. I thought, “This is great. Let’s do it.” We went, but I didn’t know about that pay-to-play thing.

We each had so many slots. I gifted all of my stage slots, of course, to my coaching clients because that is my model. You do the work and I will provide you the stages in which to get that work into the heart’s hands of the people. Whereas the person I partnered with the marketer, he sold all his slots and that’s when I witnessed all of that stuff that was, in my opinion, non-integral. There were tons of angles. They were literally taking pictures of people out on the floor, coming backstage, comparing notes, and saying, “Don’t try to sell her/him your package or your services or your coaching. They don’t have any money.” It left a horrible taste in my spiritual mouth.

We got on the plane to come home and I turned to my husband Brian and I said, “I’m going under my headset. I’m not coming out until God gives me a dose of spiritual Listerine to get this awful taste out of my mouth.” I am not kidding you. As soon as I heard the pilot and the light came on, “Put your seat up. The wheel’s down. We’re landing in O’Hare.” I heard it. The Power of WE Symposium. I whipped off those headphones and I looked at Brian and I said, “They gave it to me.” He goes, “What is it?” I said, “It’s something called The Power of WE Symposium. I don’t know what it is, but I’m going to start with that name.”

I went the very next day to look at the Stan Mansion in downtown Chicago. As soon as I looked at that building, the whole Willy Wonka thing came rushing through me. I saw the kids. I saw it all. It only took once. That’s a beautiful thing about the truth. It is the only thing in the universe that never changes and will never change on you. You only need to hear it, feel it and experience it once if that’s what you’re truly seeking. The moment I saw it, I knew what The Power of WE Symposium was going to do and we’ve been doing it ever since. That’s it in a nutshell.

OYM Loren Michaels-Harris | How To Shed Shame

How To Shed Shame: The truth is the only thing in the universe that never changes. You only need to hear, feel, and experience it once if that’s what you’re truly seeking.


People can reach out to you through that website if they want to contribute, if they want to participate, or if they want to get a group of kids exposed to it.

Also, on my personal website, LorenMichaelsHarris.com, there are tabs there for all of the things that I do. The network, the magazine, the Power of WE, my masterclass, my coaching. Everything that I have available that I feel I’ve been missioned or ordained or anointed to help ease suffering in the world through, you’ll find it all in one place.

What motivated you to go for a Doctorate?

I didn’t. It’s honorary. I graduated high school. I was 10th in my class out of 362. I was still in the system, which is hard because most kids in the system are remedial. I had been in parochial school until my adopted mother passed away unexpectedly when I was eleven. I was a little ahead, but I loved to learn as a child. When I graduated, I got into some great schools, but I couldn’t go to any because I was still a ward of the state and there was no way to get financial aid without your parents. I was seventeen when I graduated. You start that paperwork early, right after the turn of the year, and there was no money for me.

I had a lot of shame and guilt attached to not having advanced degrees and stuff, but God took care that. Someone nominated me for my work and primarily the Power of WE Symposium, I believe. Maybe even the other stuff, the stage work. The next thing you know, I got the word, “We’d like you to come to Atlanta to receive this honorary Doctorate degree.” it was very difficult for me to accept it because I didn’t know that this manifestation outside of my own was even possible. That what is greater than me could manifest things for me. I never saw that. That happened a lot in the last few years. I got to do a movie. I got two more coming up. I never thought, “I wonder if I can do movies.” It just came. It was manifested on my behalf.

I do believe now that the younger versions of me, the younger boy when I was known as Larry, the name that they gave me to keep me hidden from the authorities. That was never my real name, but it was the name I knew until my mother died. They just walked in and said, “You’re not Larry. You’re Loren.” I believe those younger versions of me helped to manifest a lot of the things that come out of nowhere now.

Just like trauma grows with us, so do dreams. The young boy who went through the hardest times in my life, I believe they manifested a lot of those things that are coming now that I could have never expected. I had to face imposter syndrome. Ask Mark. Mark had it the day the regalia showed up. It was on the stoop, I brought it in and I put it on the dining room table.

Just like trauma grows with us, so do dreams. And the young boys who went through the hardest times in life manifested in those things that are coming today that none could have expected. Share on X

I was home alone that weekend. I’m not kidding you. You come in the front door, you come through the house, and you can go to the deck through the family room and then go out the garage through the other way. To cut through there, that box was sitting on the dining room table. Every time I wanted to get to the other side, to the kitchen or the dining room or the living room or to go upstairs, I would go all the way around the house and come in the other door, so I wouldn’t have to pass that box. It felt like to me it was going, “What are you doing with this? You don’t deserve this.”

I called Mark. I was like, “Mark, this box, I can’t walk past it. It feels like there’s a dead body in my dining room on display.” I’ll never forget what he said, “Find the courage to open the box, Loren, and just hang it up. Hang the robe up, the sash, all the cords, and the regalia. Start the process of becoming one with it.” That’s exactly what I did. It wasn’t until I was in Atlanta. I was in line with some of the graduates because it was alphabetical. I was in the third row out of four and I was four people away. All I was doing was like, “Make sure you don’t trip. Remember how you’re supposed to dip down so they can hood you and all the different things we’d practiced.” I’m going through it in my head and my heart’s pounding.

Out of nowhere, I hear, “Loren, look to the left. That’s where all the graduates were.” I looked and I didn’t see them. I saw rolling hills as far as the eye could see. I saw on the top of each hill and they were staggered, so none were directly behind the other. They were every other. I thought, “That’s interesting.” They were at the front of the domino. I saw dominoes like doors, the size of a doorway, but I didn’t see the size with the dots, the numbers. I just saw the blank side, the back.

I heard a voice say, “We’re showing you this in a way that you can understand.” I said, “Why am I not seeing the numbers?” They said, “It’s because we want you to understand that this experience is not more or less valuable than any other experience you’ve ever had or will ever have. If we were to show you the numbers and say which one is the most valuable, you’d run for the double 6 right past the 2 blanks. That’s not what it’s about.”

That happened and they said, “When you were created, you were given a spiritual key chain. Every door, every time you ascended and you rang the bell because you learned and you grew, we placed a key of opportunity on that ring. You hear the sound of them, feel the weight of it in your right hand and keep going.” That was it. All of a sudden, they said my name and I went up, got hooded and left.

That was in May of ’21. December of 2022, I get the call on Monday, “Can you come to Las Vegas on Friday to receive President Biden’s Lifetime Achievement Award?” Again, dealing with imposter syndrome. The first thing that came rushing through my spirit was, “Lifetime achievement? Am I about to die?” It really happened. Same thing like the coffin or the body of the regalia in there. This is what happens to kids like me. I’m there in Las Vegas that Friday.

In line, there were ten of us. Again, I’m four away because it was alphabetical there too. I heard it again, “Loren, look to the left.” I looked, not dominos this time, but literal doorways. They said, “This is the second time we’ve requested that you look to the left. This time, look at those doorways. They’re all open, but you don’t see anything there. These are all the doorways that purpose has provided you when you are thereby allowed and granted access to provide these same doorways of opportunity to people you serve in the world. Fill those keys. See? They’re heavier than the last time. We’re going to ask you one more time in this journey to look to the left and it’ll be right as you transition.”

“Know this, when you look that third and final time, you’ll see the faces looking back at you of all of those that you have served and those who are able to serve through what you’ve served them with. That is the moment that you will not have one moment of fear about what is next for you. Those faces will look at you and you will know, you will hear them, you will feel them saying to you, ‘Go into what is next for you, Loren?’ You’re going to think, ‘It’s too soon. I’m not done. I’m not ready. What about my overflow? I still have work to do,’ but it is those faces that will calm you. They will say, ‘Go into what is next. Leave your work here because we see the world that is coming and we will be right here officially protecting your work, and we will give it to them when they get here.’ Go into what is next for you.”

Suddenly, they said my name and I went up on the stage and received my award. I know they work differently. When I say they, I mean God, spirit, everything that is greater than me. I joke with people when I say, “Even roaches. If you put me in a room in the dark with few roaches and you turn on the light, they’re going to move faster than me. I guarantee. In that particular situation, they are greater than I am.”

Anything that has a life or a force upon life, wind, rain, nature, I honor it, I respect it, and I call on it. I believe that as the only creature in this world that I know of that speaks, gives us dominion not over other creatures that speak, but over things like when I talk to my plants and they flourish or I talk to my cats, Ethel and Lucy, and I say, “Go get your toy,” and they get it. I use that dominion every day.

How To Shed Shame: As the only creature in this world that speaks, it gives us dominion, not over other talking creatures but over things.

OYM Loren Michaels-Harris | How To Shed Shame

How To Shed Shame: As the only creature in this world that speaks, it gives us dominion, not over other talking creatures but over things.


You told us about the 100th talk you gave on a stage. What was the first?

My bread and butter speech, as I called it back then, was the ripple effect. How everything we do, just like when you throw a pebble in the water, it goes on and it goes on. The first one, it’s so interesting because that was my first paid engagement. The very first speech was something called Listen to Your Mother and I auditioned for it. It was a nationally touring opportunity where up until that year, it had only been women who would come in and audition and they would get on stage. They’d have 13 or 14, depending on the city. They would talk about their particular story of motherhood. This year, they wanted to see if men would be willing to.

Someone said, “There’s this thing coming. You should audition because of your 22 mother story.” I was like, “No, I don’t want to tell people that. I’m ashamed of that.” I did. Interestingly enough, as purpose would have it, after they provided me the footage, which was about two months after that actual night, someone said, “You should put that on a YouTube channel,” which I didn’t even have one, so I opened one up and they said, “Keep it there. Archive it for safekeeping.”

It was about two months later that Goalcast found it. They’re the people in Canada that make all the motivational videos. I was working on the very first Power of WE at the time, and I thought they were just somebody trying to sell me something. I didn’t know who they were. I wasn’t responding until in 2019, the Friday night before Mother’s Day. They found my number. This banner, they blew it up. They saw it on something. I posted and found my phone number at the bottom. My phone lit up and it said, “Canada.” I had just gotten hired by parliament there to come and speak, so I thought it was them.

They said, “Are you crazy?” That was the first thing they said when I said hello. I said, “Who is this?” They said, “It’s Goalcast.” Anyway, they took that video, they produced it, they had already produced it, they released it two days later. Now, that video has millions of views. That was the very first time I spoke my truth. The one in San Diego, that 100th was the first time someone paid me. It wasn’t the first time they paid me, but it was the first time I shared the stage with other people. I was hearing other speakers. Greg Reed, Sharon Lechter, and people from The Secret, Les Brown. I was like, “Wow.”

People can listen to that or watch that Goalcast on your website.

The Goalcast video is on my website. You can just Google it. I always tell people because I don’t put everything up there, but SEO is. If you google Loren Michaels-Harris, I like when people do that because I’d rather they get baptized or have the opportunity into the full body of work. Oftentimes, we’re looking for one thing, but I know that it’s never about just one thing. They go there and they find something else. “I didn’t know you had an album. I didn’t know you did this or you did that.” I always can I try to suggest to people that “Just Google the name. You might find something you weren’t looking for. It’s all out there for you to find if you want it.”

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share with us. I have a feeling that if I ask you for a closing comment, we could be here for another hour, but if I tell you we’ve got just a few minutes left, take a breath, get centered, and either go back to something you’ve already talked about or something you haven’t even mentioned yet you want us to know about as you’re getting ready to help us wrap this up.

When people ask that question, I always say to myself, “Loren, what if you could mute the world for just one minute and everybody could hear you? If everybody forgot everything you ever said in your life except for one line, what would it be?” I always come to this thing right here, whatever in your world you know is there and does not serve you, find a way to get rid of it no matter what. Things that do not serve us must go. Trust me. It took me four decades to find that truth because now, I am unequivocally sure that the longer you leave things in your world that do not serve you, the longer you risk giving them a chance to convince you to serve them.

Look for things that have no name. What’s wrong? Everything. Who is it? Just those people. Anything that does not have a proper noun attached to it. It’s operating on what I consider a butterfly flight pattern. It’s all over the place and you’ll never catch it. If you can’t catch it, you can’t do anything about it. Find those things that do not serve you. First of all, bless them, then thank them because you could not have gotten to where you are without them. How bad could they have truly been?

Just like now, our time together, this sacred time together. All the abuse, all the horrible things that people will say, “Poor Loren,” no. How bad could it have been when all of it led me directly right here to you? If the time is up and it is no longer serving you, then banish it, thank it and tell it to go and watch what happens in your life. That’s pretty much it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with our audience. People can find out more about you at LorenMichaelsHarris.com and PowerOfWESymposium.com. Of course, as you’re recommending, people to go ahead and Google you and get the full spectrum of all the different work that you are involved in. Blessings. Thank you so much for taking time to be with us. It’s an honor.

Same here. Thank you so much.

Dr. Loren Michaels Harris became an authority on how to shed shame and reinvent blame after having survived six years within the state foster care system and having experienced the joys and traumas associated with having had 22 different mothers. Loren is dedicated to sharing with others his systemic approach in harnessing the true power found within life’s curve balls, thereby utilizing that power to refine one’s trajectory in life.

As a mentor and “Break Through Coach,” author and friend, Loren Michaels-Harris believes we are all part of the ripple effect. It is his duty to use his story to create a ripple effect that will reach positively around the globe. Loren Michaels-Harris is the Founder of The Power Of WE Symposium, an event dedicated to uplifting, celebrating, and encouraging under-served youth leaders around the globe. The Power Of WE Symposium provides a one-day experience for these kids that allows them access to areas of opportunity most have never dreamed possible. In November of 2022, Loren launched his own television network, Trajectory TV and also Trajectory Magazine. Dr. Michaels-Harris also received the White House Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award on December 3rd, 2022.


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OYM Loren Michaels-Harris | How To Shed ShameDr. Loren Michaels-Harris became an authority on how to shed shame and reinvent blame, after having survived six years within the state foster care system and experienced the joys and traumas associated with having had 22 mothers.

Loren is dedicated to sharing with others his systematic approach in harnessing the true power found within life’s curve balls, thereby utilizing that power to refine one’s trajectory in life.As a mentor, “Break Through Coach,” author and friend, Michaels-Harris believes that we are all a part of “The Ripple Effect,” and that it is his duty to use his story to create a ripple that will reach around the globe.Loren is the Founder of “The Power Of WE Symposium” an event dedicated to uplifting, celebrating, and encouraging under-served youth leaders around the globe. The Power Of WE Symposium provides a one-day experience for these kids that allows them access to areas of opportunity most have never dreamed possible. In November of 2022 Loren launched his own television network “Trajectory TV” and also Trajectory Magazine. Dr. Michaels Harris also received the White House “Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award” on December 3rd, 2022.


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