I hated my father to the point of psychosis and physical illness. With the help of Journey’s Dream introducing me to some simple to practice concepts and tools, I now have only love for my father. My health has dramatically improved with much needed weight gain and clear thinking. Now, I am able to care for my mother with renewed energy and joy. It was truly life changing. Thank you, Journey’s Dream.

Mary Callahan

Journey’s Dream provides mental health practitioners and clients with a tool for connecting people with vital resources, which already exist, to help people live more joyous and rewarding lives.

Tim Hayes, Psy.D.Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I felt alone and scared regarding my diagnosis. Once I came in contact with a Journey’s Dream Mentor, he said the most powerful words I had ever heard, ‘I believe you will get well.’ Up to that point I only had people in my life treating me like I was a leper, broken, and confused. I’m still working on some things, but I have hope. I have found new resources, including an excellent doctor who also believes I can be well.

Angie Bruce

“Journey’s Dream is more than a charitable organization, it is the beginning of a global movement; a new way of seeing and supporting mental illness.  In my opinion, Journey’s Dream is to mental illness what Alcoholics Anonymous is to the disease of alcoholism. Prior to 1935 Alcoholism was not treatable and considered by all the experts to be incurable. The medical community with all its efforts could offer no hope to the alcoholic or their families, leaving them to face a tragic, painful, life of suffering, insanity, and death.  

Today there are 2,103 million alcoholics leading normal productive lives, sober, as a result of one Alcoholic, Bill Wilson, starting a program of recovery with another Alcoholic, Bob Smith.  This one man and his vision brought hope to the hopelessness of Alcoholism, changing the lives of millions and the world.  But it all started with one sick man. 

I believe it won’t be long before we look back at Journey’s Dream and see how Journey and his family, along with Mark Hattas who was given a hopeless mental health diagnosis, changed the world through their stories, vision, hope, and love. 

I understand that not everyone with a mental illness diagnosis will accept or find hope at Journey’s Dream, but wouldn’t it be great to say in 83 years that because of Journey’s Dream 2,103 million people diagnosed with a hopeless mental illness are now living normal productive happy fulfilling lives?  The way this transformation would change our world is something to think about, support, and invest in.  I know for myself, I will do all I can to support their efforts.  What a brilliant hopeful beginning for a new way of being.” —Susan Kucknicki