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Whether you believe it or not, anxiety is a dreadful condition that a lot of people are going through. Everyone is hoping for a complete recovery from anxiety in order to live normal and productive lives. Today’s guest, Corinne Zupko, is someone who has gone from being anxious with constant panic attacks to an amazing person who shares love and guidance for those who are struggling. She is the author of From Anxiety to Love: A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace. Having experienced anxiety firsthand, she shares her incredible spiritual journey and educates how you can find that path, too.

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Anxiety Recovery: The Truth Behind Miracles with Corinne Zupko

My next guest is Corinne Zupko. Corinne is the author of the bestselling and multi-award-winning book titled, From Anxiety to Love. Corinne was diagnosed with her first anxiety disorder at a very young age and struggled with debilitating anxiety for nearly three decades. Determined not to let anxiety run her life, she dove into the living principles of the psychological and spiritual text, A Course in Miracles. With the course and mindfulness meditation as tools on her journey, she has found inner peace to be unstoppable and teaches others to discover it in themselves. Corinne is a keynote speaker, Adjunct Professor of Counselor Education, licensed counselor, coach and teaches mindfulness meditation classes at Bank of America.

Corinne, thank you for joining us here.

Dr. Tim, thank you so much for having me. It’s an honor.

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I’m thrilled that you agreed to this because I have benefited from your book and I’ve shared it with many people. Can you tell us a little bit about your journey and what brings you to this place where you’re an author and a teacher? 

My journey with anxiety began at a young age. My first psychiatric diagnosis was at the age of two when I was diagnosed with a separation anxiety disorder. My poor mother literally could not leave the room without me screaming my head off. From there, I outgrew the separation anxiety, but it’s morphed and changed through the years. I remember as a child having many different phobias. I had lots of worries. I had lots of fears of losing my parents or getting sick. When I entering college, which is the age range when mental health issues surface for a lot of people. It was my sophomore year, this is back in the ’90s. I learned that a student who I didn’t personally know died suddenly of meningitis and I unraveled at the seams. It scared me to my core because illness anxiety was something that had the power to change my day from peaceful to panic in a snap. If I heard about the latest outbreak of a disease. If somebody was even talking about a particular disease or illness, it would scare me because I’d be afraid that that would happen to me. When the students suddenly passed away and supposedly, he was fine the night before and then passed away the next morning, I remember feeling a spike of fear, a spike of anxiety, start from my legs up through my core. It was pure terror. It was during the day. I talked myself out of it, telling myself it was okay, “I would be okay.”

I went to bed that night and about 3:00 in the morning I woke up with what felt like a punch in the stomach of stress hormones. I remember sitting up in my bunk bed gasping for air, feeling like I couldn’t breathe. I had to walk myself down my bunk bed with my knees shaky that it felt like I couldn’t support my body weight and I thought I was going to die. I remember I was sweating, trembling and scared. We didn’t have cell phones back then. I picked up my room’s telephone and dragged it with the wire into the bathroom, which was right across our little corridor. I joke around that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because I sleep with the white noise maker and the earplugs and so does my mom. She blots out any possibility for there to be any noise, but from across the house at 3:00 in the morning, she threw her earplugs through her white noise maker. She heard the phone ring and she knew something was up. She picked up the phone. We figured out that I was having my first panic attack and she instilled hope in me that we would somehow find help. I immediately agreed to get back into therapy and it was on that phone call when I honestly was scared that I didn’t know if I’d ever feel normal again. That first anxiety episode, it felt like that panic attack lasted for two weeks. It was severe and I didn’t know if I would feel better again.

OYM Corrine | Anxiety Recovery

Anxiety Recovery: A lot of good things can come out of mental health issues. We learn a lot about ourselves – who we are and who we want to be – through our struggles.


It was on that phone call when my mom said, “Corinne, I know you haven’t wanted to talk about this spiritual pathway but it could help you.” I was like, “I will try anything.” That was when my mom offered me a copy of a spiritual book that she was studying called A Course in Miracles. The anxiety that I was experiencing for anybody who’s had a panic attack or has had debilitating anxiety, you know how hard it is to convey the depth of the fear to somebody who’s never experienced a panic attack. There’s something that you can’t put into words with how terrifying it can be. Not only does anxiety hijack our thinking, but there’s the physiological piece as well, where I felt my body in a state of contraction. I was constantly feeling like my stomach was in a knot upside down, even trembling, my knees and my legs would get tingly. It’s a full-body and mind experience and it can be debilitating. The anxiety that year was bad and I did get back into therapy, which it’s interesting how mental health issues, a lot of good can come out of them. We can learn about ourselves and who we are and who we want to be through our struggles. It was the anxiety that shaped the rest of my career. While I was in college around this time, I took my first Psychology class. I was helped much by my counselor that I decided I wanted to be a counselor. I changed my major to Psychology. I got involved in the Psychology Club, all things like that.

It led to me unintentionally becoming an author. I say unintentionally because I didn’t set out in life wanting to be an author or even at any point in my career thinking about that. Until I started finding through the years that I was being helped much by this spiritual pathway called A Course in Miracles. That I knew what I had to say and what I had to share could be of benefit to other people like me who tried many different therapeutic approaches. I tried therapy with many different counselors. NLP, which is something called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I got into meditation. I was trying all different approaches and my anxiety issues were existential. Although on the surface, it looked like I had illness anxiety or panic disorder, what was fueling it deep down was a deep fear about death and why are we here? What is the point of all of this? If they say that saying, “God is love.” If God is love, how could a loving God create things that die? That didn’t make any sense to me. I needed a remedy that met me at the depth of where it was that my anxiety was coming from. For me, a metaphysical pathway, a spiritual pathway was the way to get down to that core of where the anxiety was coming from.

The first thing I would say is that one of my favorite teachers says, “There’s nothing more practical than true spirituality.” When you talk about A Course in Miracles, it’s not a spiritual study, it’s a psychological study. It’s a description of what we do with our mind energy to create our emotions. The tools that you pull out of it, in my work as a psychologist, when I find a book like yours, I want to find out, how did you go into this spiritual book and come out with such solid psychological principles? How have they helped you?

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A Course in Miracles is a psycho-spiritual text. Like you described, it is both. It’s working with our thoughts and our sense of spirituality. I do have to admit that for anybody unfamiliar with A Course in Miracles, it is a book. It has three parts. There’s a text, a workbook and a manual for teachers. If anyone has ever opened this book, particularly into the text, it’s another language. You open it and it’s like, “What in the world is this talking about?” I was lucky because I had a parent, my mom who was already studying the course, she was able to help me understand some things. My approach was to read, not worry about what I didn’t understand. What did make sense, it’s always what motivated me to keep studying. I didn’t worry about what I didn’t get. I trusted that I would get it in time. I focused on what I did understand. What I did understand immediately is that A Course in Miracles is teaching us that we are love. That’s who we are. That’s what we are made of that is at our core but we’ve put layers of fear on top of that love. We’re no longer aware of it. We’re no longer directly connected to that love because of all the layers of fear that we have in the way. My approach was to tackle it one step at a time, take what I could understand, but apply it. A Course in Miracles has a workbook in it. There is a lesson every day for 365 days. I started doing those lessons and doing what it said.

In the workbook it says, “You don’t have to believe these statements, you don’t have to understand them. You can even actively resist them. Do them, try them and let the results speak for themselves.” It was in the trying. The 365 lessons that are meant to be done in a year, it took me four years to get through them the first time. I had a lot of resistance and I prioritize other things and I went with it. I allowed myself to be in the flow and trusted the process. What I would find is that by doing the lessons, doing what the course says, you start to have experiences that reinforce what you’re learning. Experiences show up in your life that teaches you that, “Something’s happening here, something’s working here.” It was through those experiences of having, for instance, shifts in perception. A Course in Miracles talks about miracles and we think of miracles as a poof. Something is appearing out of thin air. Miracles, according to it, are expressions of love and shifts in perception. We know how to do both of those.

We have all experienced what it’s like to have a reframe, to think about something differently. We’ve all experienced both giving and receiving, hopefully, expressions of love. It’s through working with these mind shifts and also these expressions of love. That’s what awakens in us is an awareness of the truth of who we are, which is love, not a body. Something connected to everything and eternal. This process of working miracles awakens the truth in us and it awakens the truth in others as well.

OYM Corrine | Anxiety Recovery

Anxiety Recovery: Have enough trust in your inner guidance system to feel that you’re not doing things alone.


One of the things that I want you to get into is how you put together in this book a system? Aside from acting the doing A Course in Miracles lessons one a day for an entire year. One of the things I like and the reason I can refer your book easily to some patients is you provide a series of steps. My other question is, how did you get from this spiritual text, which at times can be circular in its wording and confusing to some people at the conscious logical level? How did you get from that to this system that you’ve put together that’s working well for you?

I would say honestly, by my experience, by living the lessons, living the things that I was learning, what I started doing. To give you a specific example, A Course in Miracles talks about our inner guidance system. A Course in Miracles calls it the Holy Spirit. I call it your inner therapist in my book. I started developing a relationship with this part of myself. It’s a part that we all share. What I mean by developing a relationship is that I would start asking for guidance in the middle of the day. I would start saying, “Spirit, inner therapist, I’m feeling lousy. I’m wanting a shift to come. I’m open, what can I do?” Through developing that relationship, I started having a better sense of listening to guidance and through guidance, I would get these ideas. For instance, in my book, I talk about the importance of using a journal to get out every single fear. As A Course in Miracles says, “We’re asked to turn our fears over to spirit and ask for miracles instead, those shifts.” I started using my journal to what I would call Journal Dump, get everything out. I would come to a place of an open clearing and it would be at that point that I would be able to listen better.

I’d be able to tune into the love that was in me and it was when I was in this space of love that it would reinforce what I did to get there. I could see what I did with this example of journaling, how it helped me much. That was what I was going to write about in the book. I have journal prompts throughout the book. The inspiration that came with a lot of the steps and the shifts was born out of the process that A Course in Miracles teaches with turning to our inner teacher asking for a shift and then trusting that it’s done. Trusting that shift is going to come when we’re ready to receive it.

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From my experience, you said that the shift is going to come when we’re ready to receive it. My experience is the shifts are always happening and it’s a matter of, “Am I going to slow down, calm down the fears in me, calm down the racing thoughts in me to see them?” If I’m in a panic or if I’m in a rage, I can’t see all of the beautiful subtleties. What young would call synchronicities, the flow of life unfolding that some would say in every moment have opportunities for integration, growth and extending the loving energy that you are? What’s coming to my mind is in your book, you talked about a recurrence of this fear about medical issues and having to go in for a blood test. Can you tell us the synchronicities that happened?

Illness anxiety was a big deal. Needles, anything in that medical realm, were all many triggers for me. I 100% agree with you that these things are happening all the time, the shifts, the synchronicities, but we don’t stop and slow down to notice them. With this particular story you’re referencing, this was an experience that I share in the book because it was such a foundational experience in building my trust in my inner guidance system, building my trust in the fact that we do not walk alone. This was many years ago, and I was in a doctor’s office. I had decided to investigate a symptom that I had my whole life. I went to the doctor’s office. While I was in the room where the nurse was drawing my labs, she was like, “Why are you here?” I told her, “I have this symptom.” She goes, “That’s not good.” I was like, “It’s a symptom I’ve had my whole life.” I was trying to downplay it. She goes, “Don’t you pass out on me?” Her wording, the fact that she’s doing my labs right there, her concern, her words spiked my anxiety. I had the vasovagal response where I started to pass out. They had to put up my feet and they brought me juice and gummy worms to bring my blood sugar back up. I could have gone down the road of saying she was a lousy nurse.

One could argue that there’s a mindfulness that is helpful when you’re working with angry patients. Rather than saying she is the one who did this to me, knowing what I knew at that time from my studies of A Course Miracles, I chose instead to take responsibility for that situation. I was already fearful and I called her forth as a witness to solidify my fear and justify my fear. I sent out a little vibe and she agreed to play this role to solidify my fear that was already in my mind. I was willing to go to this place of taking responsibility, seeing her as a witness that I hired. Instead of condemning and blaming, I chose to take that responsibility and to start talking to spirit and saying, “I want a miracle. I don’t want to do this again. That sucked. That was not fun.” What happened was that in that same appointment, I went and I saw the doctor and he wrote a prescription for me to get even more lab work done this time at a hospital outpatient clinic instead of in the office. That was a bigger trigger for me. It was to have to go to a hospital to get a test done. A simple way of putting it is I was freaking out. Even though I was still anxious, I was still talking to my inner guidance system. I was still talking to spirit and saying, “Last time I called forth witnesses for fear. This time I’m still scared, but I want to call forth witnesses for love.” That is my intention. That’s what I want. I was praying and meditating even though I was still scared walking into the door of this hospital.

OYM Corrine | Anxiety Recovery

Anxiety Recovery: Anxiety has a way to make you feel that you can prevent bad things from happening if you are in control, and yet that’s where fear takes over and you lose yourself.


I go in and when I enter, the woman behind the front desk, I look at her and I realize it’s the mom of a college roommate. When I was having panic attacks, my suitemate, she was in the same suite that year in college. I immediately relaxed and I was happy to see her. I didn’t know she was a nurse. I thought she was the receptionist. When it was my turn, she called me. She walked me in the back and I was like, “You’re a nurse?” She was like, “Yes, I’ll be doing your lab draw.” We sat there, she did the lab draw and it took a while because it was an extensive test. We chatted about my friend, my friend’s kids. There was no pass out response, no anxiety response. It was a Monday, as I was leaving the clinic, she stopped and she said to me, “Corinne, it’s amazing that you came in. I never work on Mondays. I was called in 30 minutes before you showed up.” That gives me goosebumps because that to me was such a foundational block in my new trust foundation rather than the termite-infested fear foundation that showed me that this work works for me. We have a thought system outside of our fearful thought system that we can tap into, tune into and will teach us who we are that is gentle. What I’m talking about are shift and identity. My fearful small self-identity as Corinne has every reason to be anxious.

There are a million reasons. Turn on the news. The latest outbreak of the latest disease is happening. There are many reasons to be anxious, but when we start to have experiences like this and we can learn from each other. When I hear other people’s experiences, it strengthens my trust. I hope that the story strengthens another person’s trust. When we hear these experiences, we start to shift our identity. I like to think about it from self to Self. We start to identify with that love that we are. We identify less as this separate sense of self and anxiety has to fall away in that space. When we are connected to who we truly are, when we are in that love that we are, anxiety cannot exist. That is my core message.

One of the things you’re highlighting there is that the fearful part of my mind is there and what it’s seeing is there at some level. However, we lose track of the fact that our five senses only register a tiny bit of what’s going on because we understand that our eyes only see a small bit of the light spectrum. We call it the visible part of the spectrum. Our ears only hear a small bit of the range of vibrations. Dogs hear different frequencies. Whales and elephants hear differently. Not only that but our conscious logical mind only registered a tiny fraction of what our senses are picking up. One of the things that I get and like what you do in your book is to bring these steps. There’s a section in your book, five steps to handing it over. You give people steps to exercise the ability to tune into something other than what our culture conditions us to, which is pay attention to the physical, the mental, and the conscious logical. There’s much more going on. You outline how to tap into that with a whole series of steps.

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You mentioned that you have meditations, action, step recaps, mind strengthening mantras and journal prompts. I love that system, especially for people who like a little bit of structure. Years ago, before we learned all the mind, body energy stuff in psychology. One of the things we would do, or the only thing we had for people other than giving them a heavy tranquilizer was to give them a series of steps, help them create it for themselves. Series of steps of things they could do with their conscious logical mind to focus on what they have control over. What you’ve done with these steps in your book is to expand that and weave in the course in miracles.

All of these steps in shifts, these are what I did to heal. That’s where this all comes from. This is what I intuitively was given but also, it’s based on A Course in Miracles. These things were what helped me work out of the anxiety. My heart fills up with hearing people’s stories who are working. Everybody says, “I realize this is a book that I’m not going to read once. This is a system. This is something I need to work.” I was speaking with someone surprised that she’s been engaging with my book for quite some time and with the course. Her dental anxiety fell away. My book is not about dental anxiety, but it was one of the benefits that happen. That’s been my experience too. I’ve found unexpected healings have happened. My book is not about healing anxiety on an airplane, but I was shocked to find that engaging in this work. One day, I had a flight to fly from New Jersey where I live to California and I was like, “Something’s different. What’s missing?” I was like, “I’m not anxious at all.” I’m completely comfortable both leading up to the flight and on the flight itself. Although my book is targeting anxiety in general. It’s amazing to see what can fall away when we are engaged in this healing work. Unexpected things can fall away.

I like the idea that with structure people with anxiety can find something to hold onto. At the same time, what you point to is one of the big things in A Course in Miracles, which is to let go of this sense of, “I have to control everything and ask to be shown.” One of the things that we worked on for years with people in therapy is because of any trauma people end up getting cut off at the neck. They stay up in their head. They tune out physical body sensations, intuitions, and early warning signals. They’ll walk into a room and three or four people will ask them. “What’s wrong?” They’ll say, “What do you mean? I’m fine.” They’ve tuned out that their hands are shaking, there’s a tremor in their voice or people can see in their facial expressions that they’re furrowed brow. You are providing this step-by-step series of tools, expanding on what A Course in Miracles asks us to do. It helps me see people tune in more to this wider range of things that their physical, emotional, energetic system is providing. Our culture teaches us to ignore. I want to give you a chance to talk about either another story from your growth or one of the people you’ve worked with who’s had a shift and how that happened.

OYM Corrine | Anxiety Recovery

A Course In Miracles

You hit on something important about being up in our heads and cut off from our bodies. One of the number one questions that I often get is, “How do I tune into guidance? I don’t hear a loving voice. I don’t hear guidance. How do I do that?” There is a part in my book where I am addressing a podcast of someone who I interviewed that was helpful because if you think of an old school radio that used to have knobs and you tune in different frequencies. We wouldn’t listen to a hip hop radio station and get mad at it if it’s playing country music. What would we do if we want to hear country music? We changed the channel. The fearful voice, it’s coming in, it’s typically for me, up in my head like you described. That’s one channel to tune into guidance. We have to tune into a different channel and oftentimes, that channel is in our body. For me, it’s in the core of my chest. The ability to tune in to guidance means we have to be able to tune into our bodies. I wanted to emphasize what you said and the importance of starting to tune in rather than tune out because we will feel those intuitive hits in our body, not necessarily in our head.

Let’s stay with that and expand on it. One of the things that I come to a lot with people is when they tune in to the body and they have any uncomfortable sensation, anxiety or anger going on. They’ll judge themselves harshly, “I shouldn’t be feeling this. I’ve already done the 365 days. I’ve already read Corinne’s book.” I love the work of Sylvia Boorstein. She’s a Jewish, Buddhist, grandmotherly type person who says, whenever she’s upset, she puts her hand over her heart space and talks gently to herself and says, “Sylvia, you’re in pain. Take a few deep breaths. We’ll look at what’s going on and then we’ll decide what to do. For now, to me, you’re in pain.” It’s common for me to be working with people who’ve made tremendous progress and then they’ll have a day where they’re feeling anxious or stuck and they get viciously angry with themselves. I love the idea of comforting myself, recognizing that any negative emotion is uncomfortable and if I act from it, I’m going to make my situation worse. I wanted to be gentle, focus inside and then apply the tools again.

I’m glad you brought that up because I talk about the importance of non-judgment in my book because what the process you described is such an ego-trap that we get caught in with self-judgment and that keeping us in that fearful thought system. If we can instead allow ourselves to be exactly where we are that permitting ourselves to be where we are, whatever is happening. Even if we would judge it as not desirable, that will help us move through that situation. There’s a particular quote in A Course in Miracles that I love that says, “A happy learner cannot feel guilty about learning.” Whatever learning it is that’s coming up, we have to see it as a learning opportunity and not beat ourselves up for where we are because that will help us grow and learn.

What have we not even begun to touch on that you want to share with the audience?

I’d like to go back to your question from about sharing another story, either my own story or someone else’s story. I feel moved to share a story and it’s not going to be as powerful coming out of my words. You can hear this story out of Natasha’s experience. Her words on an episode that I did where the title of the podcast is called Shoulders back, boobies out. Facing Fear with Spirits. She is the one that I referenced who reported that her dental anxiety has fallen away as a result of engaging with the course and doing the work in my book. In this episode, she talks about getting serious with my book with the course. To reference what you mentioned, it’s not the type of thing where we do the steps once. I cannot tell you how many times I have been through the steps in this book for my healing. Fear layers come up to be healed. Each time they come up, we have an opportunity to work the steps again. It’s not we do the steps once and say, “I did that. It didn’t work.” We have to engage regularly. She was engaging and started having panic attacks. We tend to think that when we get into a spiritual path, our healing will be linear. It will be one smooth ride up. It’s up, down, twisting and all around. It’s messy. She got my book because she started having panic attacks.

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She had already been a core student for quite some time, it was surprising to her and she was prompted through having worked with the steps in my book. One night when the anxiety was coming up strong to sit. She has a beautiful British accent with her shoulders back and boobies out and facing fear head-on. What do we do when fear is caving in? We cave, we protect ourselves. We want to protect our heart, but she was prompted to do the opposite and to sit with the fear while looking at it with spirit. This is another thing that I talk about in my book a lot as well. What is coming up, is coming up to be healed. Therefore, it needs to be seen and it needs to be taken to the light. Bringing it to spirit is what I talk a lot about. It might mean that we need to sit with it. We need to feel that feeling rather than running away from it. She sat with her anxiety, she sat with the feelings of panic that were coming up. At this point, she had enough trust in her inner guidance system to feel that she wasn’t doing this alone and to do in the book to be looking at the fear with spirit. Imagine that your inner guide is right there with you looking at the fear. It’s less scary to look at it together than it is to look at it alone.

What she found was remarkable. Her fears, her panic fizzled away. As a result of doing that work, she started finding all of these other synchronicities show up in her life. She had a trip coming up that was filled with synchronicities. She had been wanting a new wardrobe and connected with her sister and her sister had a trunk full of brand-new gorgeous clothes for her. She described some of these synchronicities in her interview. That’s an example that I wanted to share of doing the work and seeing that it’s not easy. The outcome of doing this work can be extremely fruitful and such a help in laying yet another stone in our foundation of trust, rather than continuing to stand on that termite-infested foundation of anxiety, which is what I like to call it.

I have the habit of telling people that it’s much more productive for me in my life to live from direct observation than it is to live from belief, faith or dogma. Here’s an observation. I don’t know everything yet. Since I don’t know everything yet, whatever it is I think I know is either only partially true by direct observation and some of it is perhaps completely false. If I take that attitude into a new situation, I have the potential to learn something new. In any situation that has something important or deep to teach me, I need to go at it with that observation that I don’t know everything yet many times over. Each time I go back to a book like yours or A Course in Miracles, I’m different. What I take from it is different. Where I am in my journey is different. I like the idea that as someone, she had worked through this before, works through the course and then found your book. She was building a level of strength within herself. There are many people, many of us who when we first start on a journey like this, we can’t sit with the level of pain and intensity we have. We need a support system. We need somebody to lean on who can guide us, assure us that we’re not going to go crazy and not be able to come back. With that support in a book like yours over time with multiple repetitions, we can develop the inner strength. Eventually, we can get to the place where we can sit in the panic and realize it’s energy and take learnings from it rather than run from it.

I completely agree and I would like to highlight and pick up on what you’re saying with recognizing that we don’t know much of what’s going on. We know little as you described. That’s one of the lessons in A Course in Miracles that have been helpful to me. It talks about we don’t know anything. I know nothing. That’s the specific lesson is I don’t know what anything is for. That’s the problem. Anxiety has this way of making us feel like we can prevent anxiety. We can prevent bad things from happening if we are in control, yet that’s where we spiral out of control. That’s where fear takes over and we lose ourselves. We lose that connection with our Self. Instead, when we come into that space of recognizing that I don’t know what anything is for, that’s where we gain control back. That’s where we reconnect with that sense of Self. That love that’s within us and then are open and attuned to all the synchronicities and the miracles that have been there waiting to be acknowledged. I’m glad that you brought this piece up because it’s important about being willing to stay in this space. I probably did back when the panic first started. You wish it away. You don’t want to feel that way. We want all this difficult stuff to go away. I never could have predicted the good that could come out of having suffered from much anxiety.

OYM Corrine | Anxiety Recovery

From Anxiety to Love: A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace

I am more peaceful and happier than I have ever been in my life. To be able to birth a book with the tools that helped me and be able to turn around and help others. There’s no other purpose on the planet that I would want to be able to extend these teachings and share with others is such an incredible honor and such an incredible gift. A lot of good can come out of our struggles, especially too if we can remember that we don’t know what anything is for and we can repurpose our struggles to be used for healing and to possibly even help others.

I love the idea that the community helps people find the strength and you can borrow that strength from others until you have it for yourself. You mentioned an episode and I remember something about you doing a weekly call. Do you still do that? Tell us a little bit about your website, your book, your podcasts and ways people can reach out to you.

Everything, the hub of what I do is available through my website, which is FromAnxietyToLove.com, my book title. I offer a lot of different things that you can find immediately through the website. I have my podcast. It is a podcast where I release about two episodes per month. That’s at FromAnxietyToLove.com/podcast. It’s on Apple Music and Spotify and YouTube. The podcast is an opportunity for me to share things that I’m learning. I have solo episodes where I share insights, synchronicities, things that have occurred that have built my trust and hopes that it will help others build their trust as well. I do also interview people occasionally who have been healed because of A Course in Miracles. They’ve struggled with their mental health issues in some way, course teachers. The interviews are fantastic. For several years, I’ve been offering a free A Course in Miracles study group. On Sunday nights, we meet from 8:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern and we’ve been reading a section at a time, sometimes only a paragraph at a time per night because we discuss what we read. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community because these are dedicated course students, although many people are new, some come, some go. We are an international group. I have members from Australia, somewhere in Asia. I had someone calling in for a while from Siberia.

It’s wonderful to be able to share our experiences because they strengthen the learning for all of us. When someone on the call shares a shift that they had a miracle that they experienced, it helps all of us. That is another offering that people can find through my website. I have a free three-part crash course on healing anxiety with A Course in Miracles. It’s almost like an introduction to my work and how this all works, that’s available too. I have the book. I’m also coming out with a From Anxiety to Love master class. That will be an eight-week master class that’s based on the teachings of my book, but we’ll go a bit deeper. We’ll go into some things that I didn’t include in the book in terms of some stories and some deeper teachings of the course and there’ll be a live component as well. It’s an opportunity for people who either have started or haven’t yet started the book, but who want to be able to have a conversation with me about what it is that they’re learning. That’s a paid class. All the information is on my Events tab.

What’s the format you say an eight-week class? Is it going to be once a week for eight weeks?

It will be video modules that will be released each week and those will be released once a week for eight weeks. However, there will be live calls throughout the eight weeks. It’s going to work out to about six weeks of online modules and two weeks of live calls where we will connect in person. Facebook group support outside of the class. It is on the computer online, some prerecorded video and some life, but the prerecorded video I’ll have to say, there’ll be an interactive piece to that as well. It’s in development.

I appreciate you’re being willing to share and all the work you’ve done and how it’s helping others. Thank you for joining us.

Thank you so much. It was such an honor. I appreciate it and love to all. If I could leave people with one sentence, I want to remind everybody that the light in you is too bright to fail.

Thank you so much. It’s great to have you here.


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About Corinne Zupko

OYM Corrine | Anxiety RecoveryCorinne Zupko, Ed.S., is the author of the bestselling and multi-award-winning book, From Anxiety to Love.

Corinne was diagnosed with her first anxiety disorder at a very young age and struggled with debilitating anxiety for nearly three decades.

Determined not to let the anxiety run her life, she dove into living the principles of the psychological and spiritual text, A Course in Miracles.

With the Course and mindfulness meditation as tools on her journey, she has found inner peace to be unstoppable and now teaches others to discover it in themselves.
Corinne is a keynote speaker, Adjunct Professor of Counselor Education, licensed counselor, coach, and teaches mindfulness meditation classes at Bank of America.


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