You’ve Found the Path to Sustained Mental Health.

Mental health is the embodiment of vitality, clarity and wholeness, not simply the absence of illness or management of symptoms.

Sustained mental health requires an honest inquiry into these four areas of life.

Resolve inner conflict and remember your true nature, love.
Diverse resources to help restore physical and mental health.
Resources to support families and healthy relationships.

“Journey’s Dream provides mental health practitioners and clients with a tool for connecting people with vital resources, which already exist, to help people live more joyous and rewarding lives.”

Tim Hayes, Psy.D.Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“I felt alone and scared regarding my diagnosis. Once I came in contact with a Journey’s Dream Mentor, he said the most powerful words I had ever heard, ‘I believe you will get well.’ I’m still working on some things, but I have hope."


“I hated my father. He abused me sexually as a girl. He died and I have been hating him for years to the point of psychosis and physical illness. With the help of a Journey’s Dream mentor introducing me to some simple tools and concepts through parables, I now have only love for my father. It was truly life changing. Thank you, Journey’s Dream.”


“My doctor said there was no cure. I didn’t believe him. Today, I am off all medications and thriving. My journey is one of many to come. I have also used the core teachings in multiple programs available at Journey’s Dream."

MarkFounding Member, HSI

"Journey's Dream is more than a charitable organization, it is the beginning of a global movement; a new way of seeing and supporting mental illness. In my opinion, Journey's Dream is to mental illness what Alcoholics Anonymous is to the disease of alcoholism. I know for myself, I will do all I can to support their efforts. What a brilliant hopeful beginning for a new way of being."

Susan Kucknicki

“On Your Mind”

What’s on your mind? Are you or a loved one struggling with mental health challenges? Do you have a specific personal or professional interest in mental health? Perhaps you are looking to build mental and emotional resiliency.

The On Your Mind podcast by Journey’s Dream brings together professionals in the field who are successfully supporting people through mental health challenges to a place of true and lasting well-being. Here you will find hope and inspiration. You will walk away with practical tools and pathways to innovative, effective solutions. Connect to a community who believes you can be well and will support you moving from a place of fear to a place of opportunity.

Every week, our host Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D, is joined by practitioners, thought leaders, and experts in the field of mental health who offer solutions, actual next steps, and tangible tools. In addition to professionals, the podcast features individuals sharing their own inspirational stories of transformation and recovery.
Sense of purpose and a satisfying vocation.
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Our heartfelt thanks to The Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation for believing in Journey’s Dream and the Optimal Being Program. Their generous gift will support 14 graduates of i.c.stars to experience life-changing tools and resources, preparing them further for personal and professional success.

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