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From the most common like depression to the deeply serious like schizophrenia, mental health issues are typically addressed through various medications. What most people don’t realize is that these individuals can also benefit from good nutritional support, reducing the risks of side effects. Discussing his discoveries in this field with Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D. is professional chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis. Dr. Bryan explains how herbal medicines serve as excellent remedies to the hormones that cause mental disorders, why magnesium deficiency contributes to the worsening of such problems, and the importance of changing perspectives when it comes to cholesterol. He also stresses why keeping mental health in perfect shape also benefits different relationships and the people taking care of them.

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The Power of Nutritional Support On Combating Mental Issues With Dr. Bryan Ardis

Dr. Bryan Ardis is a chiropractor with years of experience researching and formulating products to help resolve the cause of symptoms in his patients. He has a passion for research and a passion for teaching his patients what he’s learned. Dr. Bryan Ardis is a chiropractor who’s developed the Ardis Acne System. Together with his wife, Jayne, he launched the Ardis Labs company in January of 2019. Ardis Labs was created with one purpose in mind and that mission is to formulate from scratch research-proven natural ingredient based products that will improve the health and symptoms of thousands, if not millions of people around the world and show the world what he has learned in many years of practice and research. What he learned is nothing beats the healing power of nature. His website is ArdisLabs.com.

Dr. Ardis, thank you for being here.

Thank you, Dr. Hayes, for having me on.

We got such a positive response from our first interview that I wanted to get back to you and find out what’s new in your world. What do you have to share with our audience?

Thanks for having me for the first time. It was a lot of fun to be able to share with your audience. It has been great to see that there’s been an appreciation for the information we gave. I have four teenagers myself. The first episode was about the emotional impacts of acne, both physically and emotionally. There’s a lot of trauma associated with that. I created a product and a system to help reduce the outbreaks of acne, why people have acne in the first place, and getting to the root cause of that to help free some of these young people and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, self-loathing and suicidal behavior ideations. That’s been a big part of what I’ve spent a lot of time doing.

OYM Bryan | Nutritional Support

Nutritional Support: The management of stress is a big deal. It exacerbates any of the symptoms of any of those levels of mental illness via depression all the way up to schizophrenia.


In the meantime, I’m approached by customers and patients around the world who have issues and dealing with anxiety and depression. If you haven’t been aware, I’m sure you have in your practice, COVID has provided a lot of anxiety, desperation, and a lot of fear. I’m constantly addressing that with patients and with customers, regardless of what impact or direction in which I’ve been introduced to them. I’ve got several companies I develop products for and I get to engage with them every day, multiple, on how I can help improve their state of mind, their state of health, and their outlook.

I appreciate you inviting me on here. We discussed what topics we could discuss and there’s been one that I did a podcast on my show, The Dr. Ardis Show. It was anxiety and stress and how to let it go. I was using the phrase from the Frozen movie from Disney Let It Go song. Anxiety, depression, bipolarism, manic depression, and schizophrenia are all the things that I’ve dealt with for many years in practice. It’s not something the majority of us can escape and not know someone who’s struggling with these at some point. When I was in Tennessee, in practice, I was a speaker for what’s called NAMI. Do you know what NAMI is?


That’s the National Alliance on Mental Illness. This is a support group for individuals who are supporting people who struggle with mental illness. The president of the chapter in Knoxville, Tennessee, her husband had schizophrenia and that was years ago when I first met them. From that time, I met them in practice. The husband had been dealing with a lot of issues that come with schizophrenia. There are these other offsetting issues that they struggle with too that I learned from while being introduced to all of these NAMI groups. What was happening was not only do schizophrenics struggle with hallucinations, delusions, the effects of bipolarism, which is up periods and down periods. They’re not only deal with that but they’ve got other issues too.

One of the things he struggled with was an impulsive drive and obsession to spend every dime they had and then overspend. While the wife was off at work, he would be buying everything on TV and drowning them in debt. It was this compulsive nature and it’s a big part of those that struggle with schizophrenia, I found out. I didn’t know that before this. I learned a lot by engaging with the parents, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, and grandparents of individuals who were struggling that were a part of these NAMI groups. I applied a lot of the principles and knowledge I’d gained through that in practice for the past years.

What kinds of solutions were you able to offer them when you did this podcast about letting go? What’s the advice you have for people about how to let go of the anxiety or the negative thoughts?

Most medications are based on the molecular structure of natural compounds. This is how we know nature is good. Share on X

In practice, what we found clinically, which was beneficial, and I’m sure you know this and you’ve talked about it with many patients, the management of stress is a big deal. It exacerbates any of the symptoms of any of those levels of mental illness via depression all the way up to schizophrenia. The hormone associated with stress is cortisol. This is common knowledge and a thing that is talked about all the time when it comes to anxiety. Weight gain and inability to control metabolism, it’s directly correlated to the amount of cortisol we release.

When we get stressed, our body releases high amounts of cortisol which is hard to manage for some. It keeps people from being able to sleep at night. It causes insomnia, stay in a light level of sleep, I call it superficial sleep, and they can’t get into REM cycles of sleep. Cortisol and stress directly impact and wreck our rest periods, our energy, and our focus. If you have too much cortisol going on in your body, it’s also the hormone specifically blamed for midriff body fat. That’s where our body likes to deposit it and hold on to it. Cortisol leads to the worsening of all these mental illnesses including depression.

Cortisol, though, I learned through research studies and through seminars I attended for years, you can manage how much cortisol your body maintains by using an herb called ashwagandha. If any of your readers want it, I can forward my presentations to them if they would like. They can contact me or email me at DOC@ArdisLabs.com. The ashwagandha herb has been found that if you do 500 milligrams twice a day, it has a significant improvement in the amount of cortisol that remains in your body. You can picture how insulin is a hormone and breaks down blood sugar in our body. The levels of insulin dictate how well we manage our blood sugar levels. Cortisol can be managed like blood sugar can be managed in your body by using ashwagandha. It helps your body remove and lower the amounts of cortisol in your body, which helps to improve sleep relaxation. It helps to lower depression and help elevate the mood. Ashwagandha, 500 milligrams twice a day.

The number one thing I found in practice that is not typically talked about to improve anxiety, panic attacks, and panic disorders, which my mother dealt with for twelve years, helped her reverse. One of those keys was using an herb called valerian root. Valerian root, most people who don’t know if they’re in the pharmaceutical world or the conventional medicine and healthcare mindset. The molecular structure of valerian was used to create a medicinal drug that we know of called valium.

We know valium helps improve sleep patterns and is prescribed for a lot of people with insomnia, inability to sleep, or restlessness. Valerian root is as good without the negative side effects of valium. Valerian root not only helps with sleep and relaxation to help calm the nerves of an individual, but it is also masterful as a plant. If you take it throughout the day, if you took 250 milligrams at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there is simply nothing I found that was more miraculous than using valerian root to mitigate and reduce the amount of panic, anxiety, and episodes people experience. Those are one thing.

You mentioned an interest in wanting to talk about bipolarism and schizophrenia. There is one thing above all others, be it at the NAMI groups or my practice, I’ve dealt with a ton of mental illness patients because of my association with NAMI. One of the crucial things was food journaling with these people. I would have them write down everything they ate. They would come in once a month and I would review their food journals. There is a direct correlation to the worsening episodes of hallucinations and delusions that occur in schizophrenia and the hallucinations and up and down periods of bipolarism that are directly affected by certain food groups.

OYM Bryan | Nutritional Support

Nutritional Support: If you want to change someone’s life who’s struggling with bipolarism or schizophrenia, get them off of all dairy foods for at least two months.


I found over the years that if you want to change someone’s life who’s struggling with bipolarism or schizophrenia, there is no greater thing you can do than to get them off of all dairy foods for at least two months. They have to be a stickler for it. There can’t be cheese powder and whey protein in anything. They have to remove all dairy from their diet. The loss of nightmares, loss of night terrors, the delusions, hallucinations, all that stuff miraculously, for the majority of all of them, simply disappeared. There are other things I did to support them supplement-wise. Number one, if I couldn’t get them to commit to coming off of dairy, it was going to be an uphill battle. I learned this too early on.

I was previously married to a lady who had a mental illness that ran in their family. She knew of an individual, an aunt, who had been institutionalized when she was 17 or 18 years old but didn’t know why. When I asked her mother why this aunt was institutionalized, it was because of schizophrenia. The one thing I knew about schizophrenia is there is a tendency for that to run in families one generation after another. We went into their genealogy and found out that there were seven consecutive generations of individuals in her family that had schizophrenia.

The only problem was that my ex-wife had a brother who was dealing with the same symptoms but had been diagnosed with bipolarism. It was not bipolarism. He had delusions and these are fears and anxieties that people are out to destroy your life, ruin you behind your back or in front of you. There this overcoming fear and worry that someone is out to ruin your life and that’s what delusions are. He suffered from all of that, which was significant for a schizophrenic diagnosis, not necessarily for bipolarism, although some can exist. It’s not as significant.

What we did is he had to move in with us because he was on heavy amounts of drugs, we’re talking illegal drugs and alcohol, to try to manage his mind because he had many hallucinations and delusions. The only way he could try to handle it, which is unfortunate for most people, is they turn to drugs because they feel like they’re going crazy. They believe the world is judging them as if they’re crazy. We had him, at a low point in his life, come and live with us. Talking to him, I figured out what it was and it wasn’t bipolarism.

Once I was able to determine it, it was this schizophrenic trait that is most likely a genetic predisposition and hereditary for him. The number one thing for him is he’s going to have to get off dairy. “If you’re going to live in my house, we’re going to make sure you don’t eat any for two months. Your whole life is going to change in two months.” Within two weeks, his night terrors disappeared, which he had every night. His hallucinations and delusions all disappeared within week four and he never had another symptom by week eight, which was great. He has never had any more symptoms since. That was years ago. His entire life has changed. He needs no alcohol and no drugs.

What was interesting is he didn’t think he had schizophrenia and I said, “You might. One thing about schizophrenics and bipolars but typically schizophrenics, usually, I found in practice, these individuals were addicted to milk.” He goes, “I’m not addicted to milk.” I said, “Really? Tell me about your week. How many gallons of milk do you think you’ll drink in a week?” He goes, “I live by myself. I drink at least two gallons of milk a week if I can afford it.” I said, “Okay.” He’s in his 30s at this point and I said, “What about ice cream?” He goes, “I eat a pint of ice cream every night if I can afford it when I have the money to.” I said, “You don’t see the pattern here. Your body is craving this thing. Unfortunately, there is suggested and compelling research that the hormones in milk, the lactose casein, if you know genetics at all, you can have genes but then you can express those genes and turn them on and turn them off.”

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There’s a great term called epigenetics, where you learn you can lay down protective measures epigenetically on top of genes not to express the symptoms. This guy is not unlike all people with schizophrenia who have a genetic predisposition for that disorder. They have an issue with milk being ingested in the hormones in that milk expressing the schizophrenic genes. Dairy in itself is also inflammatory. His whole world changed.

I shared those experiences because I’ve had a personal experience in my own family of a family changing. This guy could not hold a job for three months at a time without getting fired. Every time money went out of his bank account which was being auto-drafted, his paychecks, when an auto check was going in and any money went out of his account for groceries or whatever reason. When he saw the money going down in his bank account, he had the delusion that his boss, because they could auto pay him, was auto drafting it out of his account. It was unreal to him. He couldn’t even see it.

He would go in and threaten and sometimes fight his employers who would immediately fire him. It never lasted more than three months. This went on for almost two decades, from 18 to 35. This is the strain that goes into relationships, working relationships, marital relationships, and loving relationships. He never had a girlfriend for more than a month or two. He has been married to one lady. He has kids and has maintained his ownership of a job, of a company. I couldn’t be more proud of what he’s accomplished. It took managing his symptoms and learning the impact of certain foods.

There are some genetic predispositions for bipolar and schizophrenia. I want to share this with your audience because it was magnificent. If you will have them chart a month at a time what foods they’re eating and on the same days where they list what they’re eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which includes what they’re drinking. If you will have them note what their feelings are that day, if it’s either feeling low, depressed, couldn’t get out of bed because they’re on the low side of bipolarism, had a lot of hallucinations that they’re aware of, or a lot of delusions. What I found was the correlation between food and any symptoms whatsoever, including mental illness is hard for most of us to figure out the connection. Most of us think, when we put it in our mouth, that same day or within an hour, we’re going to have the same experience. We’re going to have the symptoms from the food right away. The truth is that almost never happens.

When night terrors, delusions, or hallucinations would come up, we found that there was a direct correlation to the foods they ate in their food journals 3 to 5 days before the actual symptoms. If you can take a two-month window of time, look at their dietary intake, look at the correlations between the symptoms they’re reporting, and what foods they’re putting in their mouth, you will often find the correlation exists 3 to 5 days before.

You can target certain foods that you see on those two days and then have them reduce those or eliminate them. Instead of going through an elimination diet where you have to eliminate all these foods and then introduce one at a time, you can nail it down to pretty much that 48 hour period, 3 to 5 days beforehand. You can do that almost with every single symptom you’ve ever had like headaches, diarrhea, or IBS symptoms. It’s usually a 3 to 5 day period. Why is it? I don’t know. I found a huge correlation between the 15,000 patients I’ve treated over the past years. That is helpful for individuals to figure out a way they can improve their own lives or their own loved one’s lives if they struggle with any of those issues.

OYM Bryan | Nutritional Support

Nutritional Support: Magnesium is proven to help reduce anxiety and depression episodes, which are also linked to excess cortisol and other mental illnesses.


As you mentioned the valerian root and ashwagandha, do you know if there are any known contraindications for that if somebody is already on psychotropic medication for similar types of symptoms whether it’s an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety agent? A lot of the herbs, as natural as they are, they’re powerful.

In my office, I would have a patient write down all their drugs right on their intake forms. I had one individual in my practice whose job was to go into the Physicians’ Desk Reference and reference the drugs and the manufacturer’s notes to determine were there any contraindications to the herbs I was going to suggest. They couldn’t start the program without having that information. It’s easy. You can ask your medical doctor or your prescribing psychiatrist about their medication they’re on and any contraindications to ashwagandha or valerian root. That’s what I would do first.

That’s not the only thing I used. Those were herbs as options for people who weren’t finding benefits from the medications. I would encourage them always to consult with their psychiatrist or consult with me. Often, if they were on medications, they were only contacting me when they couldn’t find the benefits they were looking for out of the drugs. I would tell them, “Let’s see if we can reduce your medications but the only person that can do that is your actual psychiatrist.” That’s what we would do with them. What I would personally recommend is having them review that. If not, you can review that on your own. There are drug lists online that you can find out whether or not your medications have contraindications to specific herbs.

Many people think that because it’s naturally occurring, whether it’s a certain tree bark that they derive aspirin from or one of the natural antidepressants, it’s fine and they can take it. There are powerful chemicals in a lot of those herbs. If you doubt that, talk to somebody who’s had a magic mushroom experience.

Most medications are based on the molecular structure of natural compounds. This is how we know nature is good. These guys are trying to duplicate it closely but not make it a completely natural product but man-made products that they can patent and sell. They’re designed off of the molecular structure of natural compounds.

Some of them are all by themselves even without having conflicts with other medications like St. John’s-wort. St. John’s-wort functions much like what they call the MAOIs. The monoamine oxidase inhibitors are an atypical antidepressant because there’s a whole set of food categories you don’t want to eat with that because of the contraindications and negative reactions people get. People take St. John’s-wort all the time and they don’t know that there are certain food groups they should stay away from and/or other medications they shouldn’t take. I wanted to put that out there as a caution because while a lot of these remedies are useful, they are powerful.

Every single hormone in your body is made from cholesterol. You can't make a hormone without it. Share on X

Those are some of the more powerful herbals compared to medications that were dumped into society for anxiety, depression, bipolarism, and schizophrenia, you name it. There are things underlying that are directly implicated in each of these scenarios for mental illness. There are mineral deficiencies and vitamin deficiencies that lead to anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and bipolarism. I don’t know if your audience is interested in this but I will tell you. One of the major contributing factors to mental illness as a whole is the connection to magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is proven to help reduce the episodes of anxiety and depression episodes which is also linked to excess cortisol, which is an exacerbation, and all the other mental illnesses. One of the key things that the majority of all humans in America and the world is a deficiency in magnesium. This is a mineral that all of us need and is not contraindicated to any psychotropic drugs or SSRIs, MAOIs, or barbiturates.

Magnesium deficiency is widespread and there is a specific dose that was determined in the 1920s that every human being should consume every day, which they’re not. It is a recommendation I will give to you and your audience. If you want to start to improve and lower anxiety, magnesium is going to help you do that. The recommendation is 10.6 milligrams for 2.2 pounds of body weight every day for the rest of your life. Magnesium citrate is a great version. That’s what I do. I buy it in bulk bags. I make my capsules at home and get enough. For me, for example, at 200 pounds, it’s almost 900 milligrams. That’s 900 milligrams, whereas the recommended daily intake is only 300 milligrams for all Americans. If you continue to follow the recommendations, you will be deficient and you will see exacerbated stress, anxiety, and a multitude of cardiovascular diseases as a result. There’s a direct correlation to that.

You cannot understate the impact of hormones and hormone levels on mental illness. We already know about SSRIs. This is a drug that lowers our ability to uptake serotonin into our nerves. They believe that if you can saturate the cerebral spinal fluid in your blood with serotonin, your mood will be elevated. That’s the principle behind SSRIs. Serotonin is a hormone. It is your feel-good hormone. There are direct correlations to every aspect of your mental health to hormone health. There are certain minerals that we know help balance hormones, all of them including serotonin, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Zinc is a big one. For every one of my mental health patients, I would share with them the magnesium they needed to be on, zinc at 200 milligrams every day they needed to be on. Zinc is hugely beneficial in helping to lower and balance out estrogen dominance, which many us deal with when it comes to hormone imbalance that leads to mental stress and anxiety.

Is there a specific form of zinc that you recommend?

I recommend zinc gluconate or zinc glycinate. I love all chelated forms of minerals, but these two forms I mentioned are good, which I use at home. Since we’re on the topic of schizophrenia and you showed interest in having that discussion here, when it comes to schizophrenic and bipolarism, Oxford did a publication. Oxford found that there is a direct correlation between B9 deficiency and multiple B complexes and vitamin D in schizophrenic patients. When they raised the amount of folate, vitamin B9, they saw improvements in all of their schizophrenic traits. There is a direct correlation between those vitamins.

So your audience knows, there are no vitamins that are not okay to take while on psychotropic drugs. It’s the herbs that they will always suggest you don’t take while on these medications because they’re very much like natural medicine. Whereas the vitamins and minerals or complexes are found in plants that we’re supposed to be consuming from our plants and our body knows how to naturally take care of those without creating problems. A healthy B complex with the majority of B through B12 would be a great suggestion.

We already know the impact of neurological function with folate. This is why folates and every prenatal vitamin we’re given in the first trimester of life. The first thing to develop is the neural tube of our spinal cord and cerebral spine in our brain. That neural tube has defects if we are folic acid deficient, which is vitamin B9. From the beginning, we know there’s a direct correlation to the health benefits neurologically of vitamin B9. I want you to know that research study is proving every schizophrenic patient has deficiencies in vitamin B9, vitamin B12, and vitamin D.

OYM Bryan | Nutritional Support

Nutritional Support: There’s no good or bad cholesterol; both of them are necessary.


There are various forms like I mentioned about zinc. If they use vitamin B9, some people have a genetic inability to absorb some forms of folate. In the studies, they wouldn’t see the improvements because their gut wouldn’t absorb it. Genetically, they had that predisposition which would increase the likelihood of them having schizophrenia. It’s a genetic thing. What they found was that 100% of all the people that had a genetic inability to absorb folate, 100% of them could absorb methyl folate, which is a methylated form of vitamin B9.

For those of you who have loved ones dealing with bipolarism and schizophrenia, it’s going to be the methyl folate version of vitamin B9. You’re going to want to Google search on Amazon or ask your doctor to help you find or go to Whole Foods or Sprouts. These are going to be places you can find the methylated form. It’s been proven no matter if you have the bipolarism genetic predisposition not to absorb it. Everyone absorbs it.

As we push our limits here in terms of how much time we have, what’s an area you want to make sure we touch base on before we wrap up?

It has been a personal thing for me to watch my mother struggle on four different anti-psychotic medications for panic attacks and anxiety attacks. She was told she was going to suffer from that for the majority of her life. She was in and out of counseling for twelve years and never saw improvements. She developed a phobia where she couldn’t go to church anymore. For the last six years of those twelve, she couldn’t go to grocery stores. She couldn’t have people look at her and she would freak out. She was restricted to being at home.

Mental illness, depression, anxiety, panic disorders, bipolarism, and schizophrenia are issues for the individuals that can destroy their lives and rob them of living a full and healthy life. The individuals who love them and care for them are also impacted. This isn’t a one-person is touched or affected by this, it affects the majority of us. I want you to know that this is a huge deal. There are ways to improve these individuals’ lives naturally. You do not have to assume that because it lasted for 1 or 2 years or decades, there cannot be improvements made.

I suggested looking at their dietary intake, do it for two months and see if there’s a correlation. If there is no correlation, that’s not your issue. You should start supplementing some of the things I’ve mentioned or look into minerals that improve these certain issues that your loved one or yourself is struggling with and then implement those in your life. Give your body or your loved one 6 to 8 weeks to watch for improvements. The body doesn’t heal overnight but it does over a several-month period. All those things can improve.

Humans are natural beings who require nature to remain healthy. Share on X

One topic that always comes up for me when we talk about mental illness, it is rampant throughout this country. If you include depression in this realm of mental illness, which most people do, I do not believe it’s an illness. I believe it’s an episode or a period that can be managed and overcome. There’s a huge correlation between our state of mental illness in America and food. I already mentioned some of these but this is bigger than what I already mentioned. Over so many years, there has been a huge push to reduce fats in our diet. There has been a huge problem with trying to convince us that cholesterol is bad for us. Statins have ruled cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Hormones are what make us happy, sad, and motivated. Testosterone is our motivation goal-setting hormone. If you’ve lost motivation and goal-setting, you’re low in testosterone. The direct link to how much low testosterone exists in this country, how many serotonin problems we have, and how much depression we have can be directly correlated to low-fat diets and cholesterol-lowering effects of drugs for the millions of people that are using them.

I don’t know if your audience knows this. I’m sure you may, hopefully. Every single hormone in your body is made from cholesterol. You can’t make a hormone without cholesterol. Where do we get cholesterol? Cholesterol is made in the liver by the fats you eat. If we tell America, as a society, to reduce their fat intake, you’re automatically going to be lowering their cholesterol levels which is then going to lower their ability to manage and make hormones. If they don’t manage their fat intake or even if they do and they have a genetic predisposition to have a certain amount of cholesterol in their body, which 90% of all of our cholesterol is genetic, 10% is the only change in my food at all, your genetics predispose you to a higher level of cholesterol and you go on a drug that lowers your cholesterol, you are going to lower the amount of serotonin that makes you happy. You’re going to lower the amount of testosterone that keeps you motivated in setting goals. It’s going to lower your progesterone, which is going to reduce your ability to be fertile.

There is a direct impact on melatonin and your ability to produce this sleep hormone from your pineal gland. There is a direct correlation between lowering fats and lowering cholesterol. It has been atrocious that we have convinced America, as a society, that fats and cholesterol are bad for you. Cholesterol is not bad for you. If you would like to read a great book, there was a medical doctor named Sherry Rogers. She wrote a book called The Cholesterol Hoax and she goes into all of how the pharmaceutical industry pushes their agenda because they learned they had a drug that could change and alter cholesterol levels.

She has one research study after another proving that if you drop cholesterol, the lower cholesterol goes, there’s a higher predisposition for heart attacks and strokes. It has been duplicated over and over again. It is not true that cholesterol causes heart disease. It is true that if you lower cholesterol and lower your fat intake, you’re going to lower your hormones and you will be depressed, more anxious, and struggle. I want to share that with your group if they want to study into that and look into it. Hormones are created. Their backbone is required to be made by cholesterol.

One example of a misled conception around cholesterol, you were told there is a good form of cholesterol and a bad form of cholesterol. There’s no good or bad. Both of them are necessary. I don’t even know if you know this but what makes LDL cholesterol so significant is when you get a cut and your body starts to bleed, your body lays down LDL cholesterol first to clot the wound, the blood. The scab you produce is primarily LDL cholesterol. It helps you from bleeding to death. This is a good thing. LDL is great to have inside of you.

OYM Bryan | Nutritional Support

The Cholesterol Hoax

The real question is, why is LDL cholesterol being laid down inside of your arteries and blood vessels, which is what they call plaquing? Your body uses LDL cholesterol as a protective measure to stop your body from internally or externally bleeding to death. LDL cholesterol is being laid down as plaques inside your arteries like it lays down a scab on the outside of your skin. It’s to protect you from internal bleeding. The question is, what is damaging the inside of your arteries and veins to make your body lay down a scab inside of your blood vessels? A lot of the things go back to processed foods and pre radical damage, which does scar and injure the inside of your blood vessels. If it keeps doing that, the injury will get deeper and then eventually, you can bleed out. Cholesterol is not bad for you. Fats are not bad for you. There are healthy fats that we should all be consuming and they will have a dramatic impact on your mental health.

You mentioned the processed foods. One of the corrective measures there is to eat actual things that grow.

We are natural beings and we require nature to keep us healthy. Plants are where we get our minerals from. Plants are what make vitamins. The more plants we can consume, the healthier we will be. That doesn’t mean we don’t eat meat. Red meats provide tons of minerals like zinc, magnesium, and iron. There’s a lot of healthier options. These natural sources of food are what our bodies are going to function well on.

The author of the book, The Cholesterol Hoax, what’s her name?

Her name is Sherry Rogers. She’s a medical doctor, Sherry Rogers, MD.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to share this info with us. I will reach out to you and we’ll do this again. We’ll pick a topic of your choosing next time. It’s a pleasure as always. I learn every time I listen to you. You add little tidbits to things I’ve already known in parts and pieces. One of the best things we can do is keep educating ourselves.

I love researching, educating, and seeing how to apply principles that we learn from these things in our own lives, either clinically or from research studies. Thank you for letting me share some of the things I’ve learned with your audience.

It’s my pleasure. I’m honored. I look forward to talking to you again soon.

Dr. Hayes, have a great weekend.

You too. Take care.

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From 2004 until 2019, Dr. Ardis owned and operated his own private practices in two different states, Tennessee and Texas. He was honored and blessed to be able to help over ten thousand patients from around the world find relief from their wide assortment of symptoms by using minerals, vitamins, herbs, dietary coaching, chiropractic, and acupuncture.

During his 15 years in practice, acne became one of his favorite symptoms to help patients eliminate. Why did Dr. Ardis love fighting acne so much? Because as a teenager he had horrible acne that ruined every part of his life!

Now, as a doctor, Dr. Ardis was introduced to hundreds of acne sufferers. Regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or social status, those people were all affected emotionally in much the same way that he had been. Only now, he had learned the skills and health principles to help them find the underlying cause of their acne and start to treat it. That help was a luxury Dr. Ardis did not have when he struggled so much with his own acne.

So why did he decide to create The Ardis Acne System? In 2018, his two teenage sons, Bryce and Brayden, both made a request: “Dad please get rid my acne, I hate it.” Dr. Ardis promised them he would do just that. That same day he told my boys that he was not only going to help them get rid of their acne, but he was going to create an acne product to help clear the acne of millions of people around the world! Since that discussion with his sons, Dr. Ardis had tirelessly researched and produced various combinations of dietary supplements, topical lotions, and creams, until the perfect combination of natural and FDA-approved acne medications achieved the most incredible results!>Once he discovered what it took to clear his children’s acne and improve their self-confidence, Dr. Ardis knew it was time to take his creation to the masses. They couldn’t have made it any simpler to achieve acne-free skin. The Ardis Acne System includes everything you need for a 30 day supply of proven acne-fighting power, treating it from the inside and out. Combine the Ardis Clear Skin Complex with the Acne Cleanser and Acne Treatment Cream twice a day, and your skin will be miraculously changed and your acne nightmare will soon be over!

Dr. Ardis also makes you this promise: if you love acne, and you want to keep those pimples on your face and neck and chest and back, all you have to do is ignore everything you just read and not purchase our Acne System! However, if you want to rid your body and face of acne, purchase your Ardis Acne System today! You have nothing to lose but your acne; if after 60 days of using the Ardis Acne System you are not 100% satisfied with your results, we will give you your money back! We guarantee you will love the results!

The Ardis Acne System has one goal: to make the Earth an acne-free planet! If you commit to feeding the body what it needs inside and treat the skin topically with our proven natural ingredients and FDA-approved topical acne medications, you can reach this goal for yourself. You will have victory, and we are so excited to celebrate your new skin with you! Your Acne’s Extinction is our Mission!

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