Mentoring & Support

Mentoring & Support

A mental health challenge can be daunting, lonely and frightening.  Our mentors believe you have an internal, innate ability to discover what is right for you. They accept you for who you are and where you are, supporting you as you navigate toward wellness.

Donate: Sponsor Someone’s Journey

Your contribution can provide funding for someone’s participation in the Start-Up Program.

Start-Up Program

4 weekly mentoring sessions, including an in depth assessment highlighting your greatest opportunities for success.

Advanced Program

Weekly mentoring sessions for one year.  Requires completion of “Start-Up Program”.

“It happens so quickly…In one phone call, I can be totally, completely bonkers, and by the time I’m done on the phone, maybe 10-15 minutes and I’m fine….back on focus…it’s wonderful, and I’m glad it will be shared with more people who need help.” – Mary

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