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The books featured on this page were written by our founders and those who inform and and actively support our core mission. We wish to share these stories of hope, inspiration, and recovery with you.

the INside effects: How the Body Heals Itself

Written by Mark Hattas, Keith Leon S., John Demartini, Lynne McTaggart, JP Sears and more.

This #1 International bestselling book brings together a diverse group of 22 doctors and medical professionals offering key insights on accelerating the body’s natural healing capabilities. The book covers topics such as energy medicine, nutrition, intuition, meditation, hormones, and more. Mark’s chapter is on activating your inner guidance (GPS) system, leading toward healing solutions.

This amazing selection of experts offers a wide range of holistic approaches to restore optimal health, allowing you to explore different opinions and find what resonates best with your individual needs.

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Awakening Your Optimal Workforce

Written by Mark Hattas

In Awakening Your Optimal Workforce, you will learn the ten key elements of well-being and what to expect when they are in alignment (ON) or out of alignment (OFF).

In this book, you will:

  • Discover What It Takes to Awaken Your Optimal Workforce
  • Get Tools to Support Living Consistently in Your Optimal State
  • Realize How Powerful People Are When They Are Aligned and Thriving
  • Understand How to Handle Potentially Troublesome Situations With Ease
  • Learn How to Support a Workforce Committed to Living in Their Optimal State

“Hattas is an incredible performance coach whose 10 elements of well-being integrated into this book go far beyond boilerplate leadership books. Do yourself a favor if you are a leader. Get this for yourself and share it with your team.”
— Marcus D. Cobb, CEO, Jammber

Journey: A Mother’s Account of Love, Loss, and Spiritual Healing

How does a mother cope with the loss of her son?

Mitzi Montague-Bauer has created a deeply personal, raw and vulnerable account of her attempt to find meaning in her son’s life experience, cut short by “mental illness” and subsequent, apparent suicide.  Bound together by eternal love, Mitzi and Journey travel a winding path.

The gripping, exquisitely crafted narrative engages so thoroughly; Mitzi’s worry, guilt, fear, hope and love are palpable.  Those emotions are beautifully complemented by Journey’s brilliant, compassionate, prescient writings, reflecting wisdom drawn from a higher source. Journey leads you beyond coping and acceptance to the surprising possibility of embracing tragedy.

A spiritual tale, clothed in a human experience, this book explores the deepest essence of this experience called “life”, and speaks to the eternal questions; Who am I?  Why am I here?

Journey, it seems, entered this world to shine a light on what society calls mental illness. He came to teach us that at the core we are all love, and to trust in the Divine. His legacy endures through “Journey’s Dream,” a not-for-profit organization.

As fiction Journey would be acclaimed a work of creative genius, as non-fiction it rests at the pinnacle of inspired, masterful storytelling. It will nurture your soul.

Prisoner of War

(audiobook, paperback or kindle)

It’s 2032 and madness has become contagious. Prisoner of War is full of surprises and inspires hope for readers and listeners impacted by mental health directly or with loved ones.

Learn more at the book’s main site, and get it today.

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“Prisoner of War is written for such a time as this.” – Denise Coelho

Journeys to Success: Health, Wellness & Fitness Edition

Welcome to Volume 6! Here is the follow-up to volumes 1 – 5 in the Journeys To Success series; The Health, Wellness and Fitness Edition.

19 real-life stories written by everyday professional men and women in the healthcare industry who took life by the horns, and transformed everything!

Based on The Success Principles of The Late Napoleon Hill.
From medical doctors, to fitness fanatics, and even mental health advocates, the stories contained in this version of JTS will leave you on the edge of your seat as each author shares their experiences of endurance and transformation, using one of the 17 Principles of Success from Napoleon Hill. If you love stories of defying the odds, this book is for you.

Over the past 80 years, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich has been one of the Top 10 Bestselling Non-Fiction Books of all time, with over 100 million copies sold in various formats including ebooks, hardback and paperback, apps and audio books. Next to the Bible, no other book comes close.

The Journeys to Success series has become a household favorite across the country, and we believe it will become your favorite as well. Pick up a copy of each for a friend or family member in your life. They will thank you for it.

Awakening the Optimal Leader

In this book, you will:

  • Learn How to Transform Your Vision Into Your Reality
  • Discover a Process for Your Organization to Become Self-Actualized
  • Gain Insight on Conceptualizing Your Own Visionary Fiction Tale
  • Get Tools for Increasing Harmony and Unity Within Your Organization
  • Find Inspiration to Mold Your Organization’s Future Through Optimal Engagement

“Every entrepreneur and leader will benefit from this book. In a masterful way, Mark has illustrated the next level of visioning and how to accelerate its realization.”
— Raman Chadha, Creator and Cofounder, The Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership

“This book is a must read for leaders, entrepreneurs, and those desiring to bring their organizations to a new level of performance.”
— Dave Austin, #1 International Bestselling Author of “Be a Beast” and Founder of Extreme Focus

Why Is This Happening To Me Again?

Richard, the character in the book, represents a composite of a thousand conversations with real people. Any resemblance to people you know, is purely intentional and highly probable. The dialogue between Dr. Michael Ryce and the troubled Richard is fast paced, nurturing and enlightening. Be aware your healing journey is about to take another step.

This book is a synthesis of science, naturopathic medicine, psychology and theology, with insights from the Aramaic language and culture. The techniques taught in this book are easy to grasp and assimilate. Covers topics equally illuminating for both sexes and includes: Communication, How the Mind Works, The Experience of Love, The Human Energy System, The Cause of Pain, The Cause of Health, How to Truly Forgive, Healing Inherited Patterns, How to Form and Maintain Healing Relationships, and How to Heal Guilt Blame Fear and Other Wounds.

Introduction by James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy. Includes complete instructions for The Reality Management (Forgiveness) Sheet (chapter 24).