A Series of Inspired Events

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A Series of Inspired Events

We arrived at the sunny, breathtaking estate of visionary entrepreneur Jeffrey Flammon the afternoon of Friday, June 8th.  The Mastermind event was held in a beautiful barn-like building containing farm animals on the ground level. Up one flight of stairs, however, we found an oasis of humanity, beauty and comfort.  Guests began to arrive by the dozens. What followed was a movement of innovation, transformation and sharing amongst the 70 guests. It was a Mastermind like none I had ever participated in before; nine speakers, homemade burritos (prepared fresh and served by J.P., the founder of Sweeto Burrito which is now close to 20 stores), caring people making a difference, and the brilliance of failures, growth and successes shared.   I feel honored to have been in the company of this generous and heart-centered group.

I will share three insights from the event in a moment.  However, the story really begins last year. Near the end of 2017 I was inspired to plan a spring visit to CEO Space.  The organization is ranked the #1 place by Forbes Magazine for CEOs and entrepreneurs to network, learn and get the global contacts required to build a successful venture.  I had attended multiple times since 2015 and always trusted when I got an inner nudge to attend one of the five annual events. When I arrived at CEO Space in March, I had a fateful, serendipitous meeting with Ryan Long. I didn’t know much about Ryan at the time, but I was inspired to introduce myself.   It was Friday and he was near the front of the room. I began the conversation by sharing what we are doing for mental health at Journey’s Dream, and our belief that all people can live healthy, joyous lives and be free of mental illness.  He expressed enthusiasm, and soon was on stage sharing one of the most powerful stories of transformation I had heard to date.  

Ryan began his story with the fact that he had never known his father until he was five years old. He was so excited to meet him, and his mom dressed him up for the special occasion.  Soon his father picked him up for the meeting Ryan had so anticipated.. Instead of a dream visit with his long-lost-dad, it was a nightmare. He was returned to his mother bruised, badly beaten and nearly broken.  Ryan described how he overcame adversity and moved from a lost existence to committing his life to others and helping tackle the 17 global goals as outlined by global leaders in 2015.  Ryan shared how he is achieving his mission through City Summit business accelerators, Mastermind events, and a capstone event annually at the Oscars called City Gala.  All the proceeds are shared with startup 501c3 organizations committed to solutions for at least one of the global goals.  

Ryan had a flight to catch directly following our brief meeting and his presentation at CEO Space..  Little did either of us know that one of the first people Ryan would meet at the Unstoppable event he attended next  was none other than former pro tennis player, actor, author and mental performance coach, Dave Austin. As they spoke, Dave informed Ryan of a special project he was working on called Journey’s Dream.   Ryan’s face lit up with interest and wonder at the two introductions to Journey’s Dream in just three days span. It was a matter of just a few weeks before our Journey’s Dream team, along with Dave, were on a Zoom video call with Ryan presenting why our foundation would be a great beneficiary of the City Gala / Summit / Masterminds.  Ryan and his team agreed and soon we were coordinating this Mastermind event in Holladay, Utah.

The series of inspired events that lead to City Gala selecting Journey’s Dream as a beneficiary and the subsequent Mastermind event seem at once profound and simple. The truth is, similar intuitive opportunities are available to each of us every day. The only way we can know where they might lead is to follow our own nudges, insights, serendipitous moments and be alert to what unfolds in service of our highest good.


My insights from the Mastermind are as follows:

  1.   Many people who are very successful have come from fear as their motivator, but those who sustain success and truly find joy and happiness accept themselves fully and release attachment to their fears in favor of love.  They realize negative attracts negative. Hate attracts hate. Love attracts love. We are all invited to choose whether our life is reflecting to us what we want. If not, we can change it. The things outside of us will only provide a short-term respite from divisions, judgments, and beliefs that keep us from facing the awesomeness of our Being.
  2.  The most successful people truly serve others.  Many traveled a path of letting their ego dissolve, thus finding they could use their God-given talents to make an impact for the people they were passionate about serving.
  3.   We can all tune in to an infinite brilliance and source of love that is innate to our Beingness.  When we do, we transform and become more aligned with our human design.


It was such an honor to be highlighted at the event and share the stories of my recovery from a mental health crisis and the story of Journey Shay Montague-Bauer, the son of my co-founders in Hattas Shay International Foundation and the Journey’s Dream wellness initiative.  The response was breathtaking and we anticipate the opportunity to return to Utah and provide a great deal of support for residents seeking support for mental health challenges.

  • Mark Hattas, Co-Founder, Journey’s Dream