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Pain and emotional patterns reside in the unconscious mind. Andrea Alexander learned how to tap into this area to turn her traumatic experiences around and become a transformational mindset coach. In this episode, she shares her inspiring journey with Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D and Mark Hattas, detailing how she transformed her experiences as a sexual abuse victim into a beacon of hope for those going through the same challenges. Andrea also talks about the immense power of eye reading and the concept of codependency.

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Andrea Alexander – Certified Facilitator – Anxiety Expert And Transformational Mindset Coach

Andrea Alexander‘s background includes over twenty years of working in Corporate America. She also has innumerable challenging life events that make her an anxiety relief expert. The unconscious mind is where our pain and emotional patterns reside. Uncovering these patterns and changing the lens of her experiences is how she transformed five decades of living as a victim of repressed abuse and transformed it into living in the victory of her love and her power.

Andrea did her training at Faith and Wellness and is a Certified Facilitator, Anxiety Expert, and Transformational Mindset Coach. She now uses the tools of pure speech and divine body language to uncover the limiting beliefs and wounds that are creating discord and keeping people from their full potential. Andrea uses her own experience and her recovery and shares it with others to make sure they know it is okay to remember and speak into what has happened. When one does that, it is the instant that their own inner darkness turns into light and they can heal.

Welcome, Andrea and Mark. It’s a delight to have you both with me on this episode.

Thank you.

Thank you.

We’re going to have a discussion about a session that Andrea did with Mark, but before we get to that, Andrea, you could start us off by telling us a little bit about how you got into the work you’re doing and what drives your passion for it.

This is my story in a nutshell. I spent the first 25 years of my life trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Right after I got out of college, my father introduced me to self-meditation. I was doing a meditation and had a memory come through during that meditation that was so frightening, I sat bolt right up. There was still no memory, but it was at that moment that I realized there was nothing wrong with me and that something happened to me.

I had long had this experience or feeling in my body that there was physical, sexual trauma, but I didn’t have any memories. My mission became to remember because I believed that I could fix it if I knew. That was the next close to 25 years trying to find a way to remember and tap into what happened to me. I finally aligned myself with the woman who was an EMDR coach. She and I were having a session around my former spouse and I was talking about my proverbial walls of protection. They’d always been right here. In this moment that I was talking to her, my hands completely extended.

I’m like, “That’s different.” She said, “Are you keeping something in or are you keeping something out?” I was yet to know. What I did was I had this discussion with my mother about my father because I was having all these wonky things about my dad come up in me that I didn’t understand how to express and I was not willing to look if I believed it was my father.

Through that conversation, I felt very secure about saying this had nothing to do with my dad, so I was willing to look at the memories. We jumped into that and memories began to come in. I did work with that around my inner child. I created boundaries and negotiated with her. I remembered some of the things that happened to me and my belief, as I said, was that if I remembered, then I could do something with it. What happened from that is I began to experience panic and anxiety attacks that were so debilitating. I was having 10 to 15 a day.

I felt like I was full of bees. My skin crawled and I literally ran the majority of my life in this one little corner of my sofa, which I lovingly called my corner office at the time. Over a period of about two years with talk therapy, more EMDR therapy, and lots of medications, the panic attacks begin to ebb. I remember talking about how I didn’t like how I felt because they told me, “You’re anxious.” I’m like, “I just don’t like how I feel.”

I moved through the majority of that. I have 1 or 2 good days a month. I said to myself, “There’s got to be more than this.” I had a class show up. I spoke to the universe and a class showed up in my email. I went to it and this group of women coaches talked about consciousness. The power of our words and how our words create our reality. We talked about how the subconscious does 95% of the work in our bodies and that we’re continually recreating these experiences and holding on to them with our words.

She said our body talks to us. It has its own language. I’ve done some reading with Louise Hay and I was a huge proponent of hers. That was working for me, but I was at a spot where I felt stuck. I didn’t understand something that these women said, but I knew there was something in this for me. They asked for a volunteer and I volunteered first. She asked me what hurts and I said, “My thumb.”

She began to give me what I now know are decrees and she tells me to say, “I willingly let go.” She gave me others to continue to repeat. I had this flood of emotion come in. My voice almost completely dissipated and then I felt the strength return. The pain in my thumb completely dissipated. I knew there was something in this for me. I just was yet to know what it was. I did a lot of work by myself until I could no longer take myself any further and hired one of the coaches.

After a couple of weeks, I went to a retreat. In that retreat, she took pictures of our eyes. The mission and purpose of our life can be found in our eyes. I was totally fascinated by it. We used it a little bit in the retreat and then I returned afterwards and did a full eye reading with her. I remember the first question she asked me was, “Have you fully forgiven your mother?” I said, “Yes.” There was no response.

What I have learned over the last seven years is I’m still forgiving my mother because all of the things that we learned as children that we take in as children between the ages of at least 0 to 5 and likely even further into that become our limiting beliefs, the lens that which we see through life. What we believe is what we create and because I didn’t remember, I still blamed my mother for not knowing and understanding until I could see that it was what was acting in me. I then get to be different about it, how I play with it, and what comes up in my body.

OYM Andrea Alexander | Transformational Mindset Coach

Transformational Mindset Coach: Everything we learn between the ages of 0 and 5 is likely to become our limiting beliefs and the lens through which we see through life.


One of the things that is so profound about the eye readings is that we can track and see the changes in our DNA structure. Science has told us that every thought, feeling, and word that we speak, think, or say creates a brain peptide. The brain peptide is part of the DNA protein, so we have these thoughts and limiting beliefs.

We’re saying things to ourselves that are changing our DNA, causing disease because we’re uncomfortable with what we feel. When we begin to change our words and understand what’s at the root cause of why we feel the way we feel, we welcome ourselves to choose to have and be something different. I got really busy trying to learn how to read eyes because it’s fascinating for me. I’ve collapsed a lot of limiting beliefs over the last few years by using my eye-reading work.

One of the lenses that I have changed is the reason for my experience with my perpetrator, which was so that I can speak for other men and women who have something similar in their lives and that there is a way through. All of the guilt and shame that I used to sabotage myself, my body, and my life, I now use as a way to connect with people.

I know how to be with them because of that. I have forgiven my uncle. I’ve seen him in God’s light because we know that we repeat the patterns of the things that we are taught. It is my mission and purpose to speak to others and share with them my experience, and using the eyes is one of the ways I do that.

Now, you’ve had a session with Mark. For me, it’s important when we do an episode like this that we let people know that Alexander, you’re somewhere in Texas and Mark, you’re somewhere and Illinois near Chicago. I’m about an hour away from Mark. You did this without being in the room with Mark. What was the process? Take us a little bit through the structure so people can get an idea of what a session is like and how it happens remotely.

I have this little five-minute video that I share with my clients that tells them how to take photographs of their eye. I have a super expensive camera, but phones work great. It’s simply just how to hold your lids open to zoom in, to look straight, to look up, and to look down. We always begin with the left eye because it’s our feminine divine side, which is our receiving and then we do the masculine on the other.

They send me or text me their photos. There’s often what I call flailing. “I can’t get it. It’s not showing up. It’s not clear.” I always chuckle at this because everything in consciousness can be translated. I know that the movement has already begun because they’re going to experience discomfort in being seen. It’s where our subconscious, little self, our egoic self, is flailing because it knows that something is about to shift.

Everything in consciousness can be translated. When the movement begins, you will experience discomfort. Your ego will flail when it knows something is about to shift. Share on X

I just be with whatever comes up. All I require is 1 or 2 clear signals in an eye to get moving. They send that to me by the day of and I upload it. We get on a Zoom call and I ask them a couple of questions about themselves and why they chose to jump in. I begin to explain a little bit about the eye. The white part of the sclera is how we interact or feel about our outer world. Those in our family, our friends, and our jobs. It’s anything that’s in our environment.

The iris is how we’ve taken things in ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. The pupil is reflective of how we feel about being seen and/or the things that we’ve seen and it’s where our light comes in. One of the things that I say is that when we have divine union, masculine, feminine, receiving, and doing, we have a singular life behind the eye.

I’ve experienced with others who have gone from brown eyes to blue eyes. For those of us who are green-eyed, there is no actual true green eye. The green comes from tremendous amounts of compulsion trauma. The yellows and oranges in our eyes cause the blues to turn to green. It’s amazing work.

Mark, what was this process like for you?

It is fascinating. I’ve done a lot of inner work. I’ve done a lot of different modalities. I even knew that certain body parts could contain a map. I know the ear contains a lot. I knew about that, but not the eye as much. I always thought of the eyes being more functional, even though there’s a lot talked about, like the light in the eye and things of that nature. Looking at the photos, what happens is that Andrea brings up one of the eye images, and then you can see all the other ones, too.

She points out little squiggly lines, different colorings, variations and interpreting them. She was right on. She was spot on. From the word go, one of the things she picked up right away was my receiving and that I had an issue with receiving. That went back to create an idea of deserving. It was a nice, gentle conversation. It wasn’t going really deep and emotional or anything, but it was just recognizing, you know, if my mom said no to a candy bar, you know me as a kid may have interpreted that as not deserving the candy bar. It doesn’t matter how big or small a thing is. That has shown up in my life in a variety of different ways.

Another area was, “Is there something wrong with me that I also had in my eyes there?” She could pick all this up in the eye, but through rejection early on, I felt like I kept looking for why people were rejecting me. What’s wrong with me? I had a mental health crisis between 2011 and 2014. She was pointing it out. It was a culmination of finding something wrong. It’s showing like. “Here’s what’s wrong with you.” It came out as mania for me.

Another thing that came out that was interesting is there’s a rose color around my pupil. I had blue eyes, but as she zoomed in, she could see the color. She is like, “That’s your intestinal tract,” which also deals with receiving. It was this idea of I won’t take it in and blocking it. I was blocking my receiving. We did a lot of work on that in the declarations, which I’m very used to declarations. I also do them in coaching with people, but Andrea’s gifted and very talented at creating and navigating me or whoever through those declarations.

We hit on support. We hit on codependence, which I never thought I was codependent, but she highlighted, “Here’s what that means.” It’s like, “That’s very eye-opening.” One of the most impactful was how it influenced me and speaking freely. For most of my life, I had withheld and she could see that in the eye, too. It’s not only pointing out like, “Here’s what’s going on with you,” but the support is a coaching process. Creating the declarations is supporting the unwinding of it.

It was refreshing. She used a word I’d never heard before. She called it the God genius. Around the iris, she could see the color because the iris can get bigger. As we heal, the iris can expand. She could see the white areas like, “That’s all the area of opportunity to unlock the God genius within me.” I’m sure everyone has various levels of that, but I thought that was interesting. She could see the work I’ve been doing over the last several years on myself on unwinding the past, the issues, and the belief systems that were in my way.

Even the fact of layers, there are veins that pop that we can see the red in the white like little squiggly lines. She can see layers beneath and a highlighted for me like that is indicative of a lot of inner work that you’ve done that they’re fading. That demonstrated to me that it’s not just, “This is who you are.” Your eyes are representing it. The eyes are keeping tabs of like, “This is where you’re going too. This is your progress. It shows all of it.” It’s quite fascinating.

The most interesting signal in your eye. I love that you remember that the pink grain. The reason that was fascinating for me is because I had that in my eye, too, when I began. My coach said, “You’re hard-wired to receive,” because we talk about greatest weakness shall be our greatest strength. Part of Mark’s mission and purpose in life is to open himself up to allow things to come in into assimilate and let go because it’s not just, “I receive.” We require walking ourselves into this movement in baby steps.

He’s saying declarations are super cool decrees. A lot of my decrees are based on scripture. It’s different from religion, but because they closely mimic quantum physics and laws of the universe. “I am that which I say I am.” The decrees are created from his own words and his own movement. That’s what I do with all clients and it’s because of what I have done in the past. I know what works.

We may start with, “I give myself permission to remember. I give myself permission to receive,” because if we go right into, “I am a millionaire,” it jumps over the entirety of the feeling of what we believe and we are literally changing. He didn’t believe he deserved. The word deserve is of service to self. If you go, “I deserve,” we’ve been saying that to ourselves. We are trying to get our head and our hearts to befriend each other and it’s been really difficult.

These little baby things are beautiful and because of transgenerational trauma, which we’re very familiar with for at least for generations, these signals are in our eyes. We’ve got all of the traumatic somatic stuff stored in our bodies. It shows up in our eye with ease. It can be seen through the different vascular systems and the different colors that come up. Also, the length, shape, the squiggly or forking of blood vessels that show up in the location map within the eye is exactly the same as any iridology. We use the same map.

My favorite signal for him to play with was in his left eye directly, very centered up, which is old. All of the things in the whites that are underneath the lids are very old. There is a vessel that is literally bulging about halfway down and it’s beginning to come through and into your conscious world. I asked you about the signal because it has to do with his God genius.

I asked him the question about where he had been putting pressure on himself to create life. He said, “I’ve died 1,000 times.” Some people may say, “How do you know that?” The God in us knows. We remember how to listen to ourselves, and he shared with me that he had a project that he had started and worked on. He put it aside because, in his past lives, he had spoken into his own truth and had been put to death. He’s held on to this and I’m aware that he’s walking into it. He’ll share that if he chooses to.

It’s amazing. All kinds of things show up in your life. I remember being with the girl one time and I said, “That looks like a leaf. Do you have an experience as a child where something with a pile of leaves?” She said, “Yes.” She was raped. I have no way of knowing this. It’s just where I see things that seem like an anomaly to me and I asked the question.

I ask what I hear. I did one and a girl had this big five mark in her iris. She’s the last of five children and there’s a lot of separation. We play with what I see. I ask the questions and the memories come in. I support you in creating a new belief and how to rebuild that belief is to use the decrees and repeat them with regularity because the conscious mind loves repetition. What’s fascinating is the layers begin to shift and change. Have you had an experience or what are you aware of that is different for you? Is there anything specific that you’re aware of that shifted in you since our eye-reading?

OYM Andrea Alexander | Transformational Mindset Coach

Transformational Mindset Coach: When building new beliefs, you have to repeat them with regularity. The conscious mind loves repetition.


The biggest thing for receiving has been, for example, I didn’t have it before, but I was drawn to recognizing what are the things I’m working on. What are the things out there and celebrating their receiving even though they haven’t come into physical manifestation yet? Just recognizing like, “I’m so happy and grateful to have this,” with regard to a book I’m working on. There’s another one that’s related to business and relationships. I took a lot of inventory and have been looking at that daily, like, “I’m doing a meditation around receiving, allowing, and opening up.”

I imagine there are more things that have come into your world that you may yet to be aware of. One of the things I choose to know is, “Have you experienced receiving your wife any differently?”

Not really. She’s took off for a vacation with her sisters for a wedding shower. More so with regard to acknowledging myself and being willing and deserving, that’s been heightened.

It’s going to start with baby steps because intimacy in life, which includes relationships, sex, money, passion and creativity. The word intimacy translates to “In to me I see.” The creative stuff is very passionate for you. It’s an easy way for you to begin to see and recognize what’s changing because it’s intimacy in yourself and less than with other intimate partners. It makes sense to me that it’s where it’s showing up for you right now. Also, be aware of things that shift in your personal relationships. Things that you are doing and saying differently because this is where we let love touch us. Most of my clients now say, “I let my love touch me,” and they’re like, “No.”

“I let my love touch me.”

Say it again and slow down so that you can feel the vibration of your own words.

I let my love touch me.

Also, breathe because breath is the initial very first receiving. The exhale is the letting go of what we believe we couldn’t do.

Breathe is the sign of receiving. Exhaling is letting go of what you believe you could not do. Share on X

There was a lot of energy that was moving as I was saying that and breathing. I could feel it releasing, if you will.

Did you get hot? Our metabolism engages because we’re engaging our will, which is our sovereignty, authority, and true power. It’s because walking into, “I let love touch me,” may have been the scariest thing anybody’s ever done in their life because we’ve been building these walls that show up in the eye as this dark gray, dark black, brown or a ring that goes completely around the pupil which is a wall of protection. It’s a wall of amnesia.

Does that go away? It’s because you showed that to me on mine. Over time, does that release?

Yes, it will dissipate. My eyes used to be almost totally yellow. There are lots of squiggly, which is the lymphatic, which is overwhelm, fear, anxiety, and compulsion control because we are trying to control our world because we feel so insecure. I say insecure as in unsafe. Those lines are straight in my eyes now. My walls have shifted. The pink ring is gone. I used to have an area that was bulging out that is now more flat. I had a lot of orange trauma spots that have almost been continuing to dissipate. I have lacunas that are filling in.

The more that we do, the more we will see permanent change, and it’s permanent changes, which is fascinating. When we change how we feel about what we feel and begin to speak into the truth of how we feel, “I let love touch me,” which is what we all desire in our life but we’ve been too afraid to let it in. We begin to be secure in those things. We speak to ourselves differently.

We have new hormones being created because of how sweetly we are talking in us, through us, and around us. When we do this work, the tearing is the first thing that shows up and then we can have a complete reversal when we fully believe in the transformation. It’s because what we believe is what we create. We’re changing beliefs, and the repetition of decrees sets that in place.

I will say it was along those lines of reinforcing and believing. I am going back and watching the video again. I’ll watch it again. Now that I’ve watched it once, I realize how much value there was. There is so much richness in it that I missed at the moment because I was doing it. To go back was really helpful.

Yes, there’s a huge value in that recording, and when you listen again, I encourage you to write the decrees that you said during that time and read those. As I said, the subconscious thumps repetition, but what I typically do with myself and/or what I recommend to my clients is that they record those decrees. You speak out, “Me love me,” and then pause to give your subconscious brain time to repeat it and then the next one. What I do is I put it on a loop and slide it under my pillows so only I can hear it and I take it into sleep with me. It’s because then you’ve got eight hours of this loop of decrees and you will move quickly. The patterns will begin to shift rapidly.

You mentioned that before and I didn’t log it as clearly as I just did.

That’s why there’s so much value in their recording. What will be fun is when you’re ready to jump in and do another one in a few more months. You may choose 2 or 6 months. You will begin to see the shifts in your eyes because there’s so much happening that we’re doing. We’re just yet to be aware of how amazing we are because we haven’t felt deserving and valuable. It’s delimiting ourselves.

This is a raising and remembering, “I am God,” because we are that one drop of spirit filled full and we have the power to create our lives exactly as we choose when we know that we can speak into it and how to. I’ve probably shared this with you. It’s one of my favorite things. I have a girlfriend who says, “There’s a twelve-foot angel at the front door. She’s here to take your order for life.” You’re like, “I just want peace.”

They don’t know what it means. We order sandwiches and salads with more specificity than we order life. They don’t know what to do. They are here for our bidding. When we begin to speak the language of our heart, which is what our real choices are based on our mission and purpose, the things we’re remembering are where we get to create a life we love.

OYM Andrea Alexander | Transformational Mindset Coach

Transformational Mindset Coach: When we speak the language of our hearts, we get to create a life we love.


I would like you to give us your working definition for codependence since so many people are different and that was something Mark said that he got from the first session. How do you work with that? What’s your description of codependence?

When I first started doing this work, my coach gave me this big long list of everything to check off and codependence was on there. Shame was on there. That’s the only two I didn’t check off. I’m not codependent. I don’t have any shame. The two greatest things I’m here to do is no codependence and shame. With codependency, many people believe that it is a weakness. Codependent is when anything or anybody in our no reality does or says something that irritates us.

We’re frustrated by the train. We’ve got the dog that pooped in the middle of the living room. Our husband or spouse says something that irritates us. If we’re reacting to what others are doing, there’s something off within us. They’re a mirror of what’s going on. I say codependency is gold because it reminds us of what we’re here to shift, change, and move.

It’s the fastest way into the root of what is creating our disease or uncomfort in life. For example, if I have a flat tire, I can translate that because my car is how I move forward in life. What is the right? It’s my hand. Where am I not loving something that I’ve been handed or handled? How do I feel about that? I can get all irritated. I think about the money. I can think about all other stuff in life or I can use it as a reflection of what’s going on in me.

I can also shape the, “I can’t get to where I need to go by a specific time,” and this may be saving my life. The only thing we have the power to do in life is how we react to whatever is acting in us. When I get frustrated or irritated or have things or fear come up, what in me is what I ask myself. Codependency is gold where we’re here to remember our sovereignty to choose for ourselves because there’s so much guilt and shame about giving ourselves care or taking care of ourselves first. We’re running depleted because we’re trying to please everybody else.

That’s very close to the working definition we use in the core work that gave rise to the Optimal Being Program. Codependence is defined as any time I think or speak as though someone or something outside of me is causing my emotional reaction. That’s almost exactly what I heard you saying. Therefore, there’s the roadmap to what I need to resolve or change. The Way of Mastery says, “Any kind of negative reactivity indicates the need for forgiveness.”

In that work, the word forgiveness means the dismantling of an errant perception. I’ve made a picture in my mind that what happened out there is causing this in me, and that’s just false. I need to dismantle that errant perception anytime I have a negative response to anything. It opens that window to be able to see what’s creating the negativity within me.

Yes, and people think it’s their husband. Every single feeling that we have is a vibration that sometime happened in our body. The first time it happened, we were in a situation, so we labeled it based on that. That feels like fear. I talked about my bees feeling when I was in anxiety. I thought I was scared. I read something that talked about the buzzing in the body is the return of life.

It more feeling that I had ever felt in my entire life. My body had been so freaking numb for many years. I am afraid to feel. I don’t like what I feel. When I realized that it was me coming back to life and I’d never been alive in my body like that before. We get to qualify what we feel. There is no right or wrong. It is only how we label it to we’re the qualifiers of our own feelings and experiences. Getting ready to come on to the show, I was like, “I feel really nervous. There are two doctors and I’m this girl who does this stuff.” I saw your lineup in the past and remember I’m here for a reason and get to qualify. I’m excited about it.

You get to qualify what you feel. There is no right or wrong. It is only how you label it. Share on X

I sat with myself. I put my feet on the floor. I breathed and I grounded. I remember how powerful I am. When we are getting irritated or frustrated, we’re giving our power away. Every feeling that we raise has a partner. As you said, on the other side, irritation, frustration, and anger is forgiveness. It’s also authority. I offer my own life. It’s also will. I stand in my own will and do what I choose for me for no reason.

Shame is a return to purity. Guilt is a return to innocence. Fear is a return to faith and trusting life. All of the stuff that we’ve been taught, we get to completely reframe through our codependent patterns when we see that everything can be translated. Also, using others is the easiest mirror in the world to show us where we’re out of alignment with ourselves.

When you talk about the bees, the buzzing feeling, the anxiety and the panic attacks, it puts me to mind of Peter Levine and his work, especially the book Waking The Tiger, where he talks about how when we’ve had trauma, physical, sexual, etc., we shut down the sensations and the awareness of the sensations. He has exercises in that book for people to reawaken.

I’ve done this. I’ve used Peter Levine.

The other thing I want to do here is recognizing how much time we have. I’d like to have each other get centered and take a breath and think about what we’ve talked about so far. If there’s anything in that you want to go back and highlight or something that we haven’t even mentioned yet, I will give you each a few minutes to respond to that. If you get centered, what’s something that you want to make sure we get in here that we haven’t talked about or something you want to go back and highlight? Since you just finished an exposition, Andrea, let’s go to Mark and see if he’s got something he wants to add here.

There are two things. I want to clarify one thing. Andrea had mentioned that that whole God genius and the fear. The words that came out of my mouth were something like, “I’ve died 1,000 deaths.” I’ve died many times in my own life, in this physical life, from the spirit. The letting go, the dying of the mask, but what I was referencing energetically there was the lineage of death. It’s not necessarily my past life but the lineage of death.

A lot of stories that I have and the energy in my system is that, “If I speak out, then there are possible ramifications.” One of the things that shifted for me since we did the session was courage. I’m bringing out a new book called The Lowly Prophet. It’s going to challenge some people. It’s a beautiful book. It’s a lot of fun. My book person gave some positive feedback and it’s like, “Am I really going to put this out there where I know not everyone’s going to like it?”

Some people are going to love it and some people are going to really not like it. That’s part of that courage that has been developing. One of the exercises we did there was to free my voice to allow for me to step more fully into that. I really appreciate that. I want to acknowledge that. The second thing is I love the work here from a very grounded basis.

If we can see that the eye report is this and then we make modifications and now the eye reports this and we make modifications. Now, the eye reports this. There’s something about the engineer in me that thinks that is so cool because many people go through deep inner work and there’s a knowing that, “I’m no longer the person I was. I can see the contrast. It’s so significant. It’s such a big deal,” and yet most of the world doesn’t see anything different. They go, “That’s still Mark.”

To have evidence, there’s something comforting for me about that. “This is really cool. I could come back every six months and see the progress, like a blood test or something like that.” I want to acknowledge that this is one of maybe a couple that I could count on one hand of things that are measurable in this kind of work. I appreciate it extremely.

Yes, it’s so fun to take. I look at my own eyes with regularity to see, “What have I done? What is showing up?” It’s super cool. This work has literally changed my life. You talked about being able to track and some people are like, “That’s just smart.” We meet people in our lives as we come along and we’re no longer who we used to be. I don’t recognize myself.

I’m so grateful for what I’ve done. This is amazing work. We either let go of our victim mentality and do the work that’s required and choose life or we stay where we are. If you want change, we’re at the transformation of our own lives. What I love about this work is it’s simple and fairly easy. There’s a lot of fear that will come up. We have a way to look at it and see the differences and see the changes. It’s put me on a mission and purpose. I’m so grateful. I love what I do.

What’s the best way for people to reach you if they want to find out more, Andrea?

The easiest thing to do is to email me directly at Andrea.Alexander@EMBODYCoaches.com. I can point them in a direction to connect.

What is the website?

It’s EMBODYCoaches.com.

I thank you both for taking the time to share with us and your honesty. I love hearing about various techniques that are doing the same thing and, as Mark said, one that gives you some feedback about the progress you’re making. Thank you both for taking the time to be here. It’s been an honor.

Thank you. I appreciate this, both of you and I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Thank you.


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About Andrea Alexander

OYM Andrea Alexander | Transformational Mindset CoachAndrea’s background includes over twenty years of working in corporate America, plus innumerable challenging life events that make her an anxiety relief expert. The unconscious mind is where our pain and emotional patterns reside. Uncovering these patterns and changing the lens of my experiences is how I transformed five decades of living as a victim of repressed abuse into living in the Victory of my love and power in me.

Andrea did her training at Faith and Wellness and is a Certified Facilitator – Anxiety Expert and Transformational Mindset Coach. Using tools of Pure Speech, and Divine Body Language to uncover the limiting beliefs/wounds that are creating discord and keeping you from your full potential. Andrea uses her own experience and recovery to share with others that it is okay to remember and speak into what happened. This is the instant that our own inner darkness turns into light, and we can heal.


About Mark Hattas

OYM Andrea Alexander | Transformational Mindset CoachMark Hattas is a best-selling author, high-performance coach, and mental health advocate having co-founded Journey’s Dream the creator of this podcast. His interest in mental health began in 2011 after being diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder nine months following the sale of a successful tech company he co-founded. Like most, Mark was told there was no cure. However, he didn’t accept that prognosis and instead found his path to fully restored health. Now Mark helps others through connection, community, programs, books, speaking, and coaching.. Find more, including his latest book, Awakening Your Optimal Workforce, at markhattas.com.


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